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Emerging Trends in Social, Mobile and More

 Social Media Spending is Expected to Double in the Next 5 Years-Only 11.5% of Marketers Can Prove Its Quantitative Impact

Results from the biannual CMO Survey released by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association, and Deloitte are presented in this Advertising Age article by Lindsay Stein. Although marketers have been increasing their spending on social media, 47.9% report that they have not been able to demonstrate its impact on business. Additional results from the survey are discussed in this article. TAGS: social media, ad spending.  See more. . . http://adage.com/article/agency-news/marketers-spending-social-lack-results/302701/


Consumer-Brand Interaction Will Be Changed by Emerging Mobile Trends

Seven emerging mobile trends will significantly impact how consumers and brands interact in the near future according to this Advertising Age article by Kevin Skobac.  Among these trends: messaging becomes a dominant platform, and artificial intelligence/bots become the best friends of consumers.  Discover the additional mobile innovation trends. TAG: mobile.  See more. . . http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/mobile-innovation/302782/\

The Majority of CMOs Say Their Top Challenge Is Competition From Beyond Traditional Rivals

Findings from the IBM study, “Redefining Markets: The CMO Point of View,” are presented in this Advertising Age article by Kate Maddox.  The study found that 60% of CMOs expect more competition to come from businesses outside their industries.  In order to manage changing markets, “CMOs must embrace this whole idea of creative disruption,” according to Kevin Bishop, VP-Customer Engagement Solutions, IBM Commerce. TAGS: CMO, competition. See more . . . http://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/ibm-finds-industry-convergence-biggest-challenge-cmos/302741/

Measuring the Impact of Digital Ads on Retail Foot Traffic and Sales

The ability to attribute digital ad exposures to offline purchases is of critical interest to marketers, including restaurants and retailers.  Many competitors have entered the marketplace to provide products to bridge this measurement gap between digital promotions and brick-and-mortar sales. This Adweek article by Christopher Heine discusses products by Foursquare, Goodway Group and AdTheorent, and the author explains how these products work. TAGS: digital advertising, attribution, retail sales.  See more. . .http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/why-measuring-impact-digital-ads-retail-foot-traffic-one-techs-hottest-areas-169789

Embracing Consumer Engagement

In this March 2016 Journal of Advertising Research article by Bobby J. Calder, Northwestern University, Mathew S. Isaac, Seattle University, and Edward C. Malthouse, Northwestern University, the authors suggest a flexible approach for measuring customer engagement, which is based on context-specific experiences that can vary across brands and products. They found that this flexible measurement approach is highly predictive of consumption behavior.  The three empirical studies in this article, “How to Capture Consumer Experiences: A Context-Specific Approach to Measuring Engagement,” examine consumer engagement with live jazz music, newspapers, and television programming.  In addition, the article discusses the implications of this research for advertisers. TAGS: consumer engagement, consumer experiences.  http://www.journalofadvertisingresearch.com/content/56/1/39