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Spillover Benefits of Online Ads

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Email advertising can increase spending in actual, physical retail stores, new statistical tools show. If this is not uplifting enough for those who deal with such advertising, analysis published in an MSI working paper found something else surprising. The effects are highest among consumers with fewer recent interactions with that particular retailer.

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Marketers to Increase Investment in Email, Social

Email, followed by social media and mobile marketing, are the top areas for increased marketing spend in 2015, according to Strongview’s Marketing Trends Survey and highlighted in Media Research Brief. The top three concerns for marketers going into 2015 are:

  • Accessing and leveraging customer data from multiple channels and sources (30%)
  • Coordination across marketing channels (16%)
  • Developing more relevant engagements (13%)
When it comes to data, while around half of marketers use demographic data and purchase history, they still struggle with leveraging data on web behavior, sentiment, and lifestage. In terms of touchpoints in the lifecycle, marketers are focusing spend on: loyalty, welcome, winback/re-engagement, and post-purchase.   Read the full article. For more on this topic, check out the Marketing Tab in Morning Coffee . See all 5 Cups articles.  

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Email Preferred for Brand-Consumer Communications

Survey results from MessageSystems highlighted in Media Research Brief suggest that email is consumers’ preferred method of communication with brands. This was true for both initiating communication with brands on non-emergency customer service issues, as well as receiving special offers or coupons. In terms of the latter, 25.1% preferred to receive special deals via email, followed by text (9.0%), snail mail (7.1%), and social media (5.3%).  “For all the hype that social marketing has gotten in recent years, just above 5% of respondents actually prefer seeing ads or deals in their social channel over anywhere else.” Perhaps most telling is that 50% of respondents said they did not want to receive any notifications, regardless of mode.   Read the full article. For more on this topic, check out the Advertising Tab in Morning Coffee . See all 5 Cups articles.