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Taking Charge in the Wild West Era of High Impact Advertising via Advertising Week (source: Rob Garber, Managing Director, Undertone EMEA)

Research shows that high impact ads have 40 per cent higher overall likeability than standard display and are 78 per cent more likely than standard display ads to make a consumer want to learn more about a product/brand (Undertone Ipsos ASI Joint Research Project). However, the current state of the industry is making it harder for marketers to understand and adopt this valuable tool.

In short, high impact digital adverts are non-standard, scalable, large canvas ad formats with rich media features. Creativity is at the core of these formats – they are able to capture a consumer’s attention, build an emotional connection and drive engagement. Their success depends on a number of factors. They must:

  • Engage with viewers, across multiple screens;
  • Be delivered on certified inventory to ensure they do not break websites;
  • Have a light file size to ensure they do not interfere with a webpage’s loading time;
  • Include a high level of universal frequency capping;
  • Have real time performance analytics to inform the optimization of the campaign

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