digital creative formats

“The Influence of Interactivity “ – Ipsos Connect

We explored how dynamic digital creative formats can drive engagement and brand metrics beyond clicks and views.

This research strives to provide insights that substantiate how approaching multi-screen campaigns with dynamic creative design can potentially elevate campaign performance on an impression level and help advertisers make every impression count.

Our session will address:

  • Impact of the creative: What is the impact of different ad experiences in driving campaign effectiveness?
  • Interaction vs. passive engagement: Does the ability to interact with the ad increase effectiveness?
  • Context: How well does the ad fit the context of the content experience and what is the effect on resonance?
  • Effect of different platforms: What is the effect of experiencing the ads/content on different platforms?
  • Best practices: What executional learnings can we glean to help improve the creative suite for advertisers?

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