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Original Research – “Evolution of TV: Measuring TV and Video Across All Screens” – Google

This presentation will discuss the difference between metrics that describe how many people see a commercial and how many times they saw it, compared with measures of actual ad impact.

Google predicts that this evolution will include census data and programmatic ad buying, which will deliver new capabilities that will be very welcome by marketers.

This evolution will also require trust and transparency as well as cooperation among a broad spectrum of players in the advertising ecosystem.

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Original Research – “Insights Based on a New Model of Media Measurement” – comScore

Among the issues discussed will be new cross-platform opportunities that provide salient insights that impact monetization of TV properties.

Two examples:

  • …when including a specific cable network’s digital properties, nearly a third of its total audience is uncovered.
  • …another cable network’s presence on TV, desktop and mobile reaches an unduplicated audience of 174 million – more than half the U.S. population.

Motivation is another key element to be addressed.

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Conference Paper – “The Purchase Journey: How do Radio and OOH Stack Up?” – iHeartRadio/SMG

In today’s time-pressed world, where consumers decide what and when to buy in decreasing time units, marketers are challenged to reach their target audiences at the most influential moment.

SMG and iHeart Media collaborated on research to better understand which media types and vehicles can impact  consumer decision-making by examining the data signals that consumers share during their path to purchase.

Through an analysis of the SMG proprietary global consumer panel, PACE, we examined the relationship between media exposure and category consideration and purchase, giving insight into the role of different media channels during that journey, and how it varies by category and by target audience.

From MediaPost– “The Key to Audience-Based Metrics: Testing, Testing and More Testing”

“Science needs validation,” said George Ivie, CEO of the Media Rating Council. The event was the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) Cross-Platform Media Measurement and Data Summit last week.

That perspective seems to align with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In a primer the association released on improving ad viewability, they outlined strategies for working with third-party vendors or using an internal measurement system as a “source of truth” that can be used as a baseline and in testing.



Cross-Platform Advertising: Current Practices and Issues for the Future

Peter Neijens, Chair in Media and Persuasion, and Hilde Voorveld, Assistant Professor at The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), provide an assessment of current cross-platform issues in this December 2015 Journal of Advertising Research article.

The authors analyze important peer-reviewed advertising and marketing journals as well as important industry sources.  The authors also conducted a brief survey among key players at media agencies about current practices to find out what they considered to be the major developments and challenges for the future.

Neijens and Voorveld found a disconnect between academics’ and practitioners’ work in the field.  The authors recommend increased collaboration between advertisers, media owners, media agencies, research companies, and academics, as well as additional research. They propose ideas for advancing both theory and practice.

The authors comment in their conclusion that, “It is impressive to note the current initiatives and the level of cooperation that already has been established, but more should be done: The different parties in the media industry should overcome their self-interests and realize that only a joint effort can help further the profession.”

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Q&A with ESPN’s Artie Bulgrin: Research Has to Be Future Forward

In this Q&A with Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President Global Research and Analytics, ESPN, Charlene Weisler, writing for Media Village, discussed the concept, “Research Has to Be Future Forward.”  The issues covered during this interview included the impact of data on the role of research, ESPN’s involvement in programmatic TV efforts, cross-platform viewing trends, the development of industry standards for cross-platform measurement, as well as the future of research.

On the question of whether an industry solution for standard cross-platform measurement will be developed, Bulgrin replied:

We are getting closer, but the industry needs to do more work on education and gaining consensus for standardization. We have more companies than ever pursuing cross-platform measurement including comScore, Nielsen, Symphony Advance Media and Reality Mine, to mention a few. I am hoping this competition will lead to innovation and speed to market. But there are different definitions of cross-platform measurement out there and I’m not sure which will be supported by the industry. . .”

In response to Weisler’s question, “What do you see as the future of research?” Bulgrin replied:

“Research will become even more vital for revealing strategic insights and understanding human behavior in a future where the flow of data never stops. Researchers must become multidimensional in their skills to include technology, science and analytics. This was the main reason we created the ESPN Lab in Austin — to bring advanced science and methods to the study of media and advertising; an approach that gives us deeper insights on how people are interacting with media and advertising right now in order to be better prepared for the future.”

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comScore and Rentrak to Merge, Creating Leading Cross-Platform Measurement Company

On September 29, 2015 comScore, Inc. and Rentrak Corporation announced that the companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement.  According to the press release on comScore’s website, the new company will provide even more robust measurement solutions to the media and advertising industries.  This press release also states that the merger “paves the way for new cross-platform ratings currency and expands choice for the television and advertising industries.”

Serge Matta, comScore’s current CEO, who will lead the combined company as CEO, provided insight into the strategic rationale for the merger,  “Together we have an even more powerful ability to deliver what our clients and the media industry have long been asking for: a comprehensive cross-platform measurement currency that accounts for all the ways in which content is consumed, whether that happens on a desktop, mobile device, live or time-shifted TV, video on demand or through over-the-top devices.”

Bill Livek,  Rentrak’s current Vice Chairman & CEO, will serve as the company’s Executive Vice Chairman & President.  He stated “Both companies have been innovators in content and consumer measurement, advanced demographics and analytics, providing the industry with world-class digital, TV and movie consumption information. This merger will accelerate the pace of that innovation, and offer an improved solution for cross-platform measurement, not available anywhere else.” He also stated, “Rentrak’s expertise in precisely measuring TV and movies, and comScore’s industry-leading digital measurement capabilities, are natural complements. Combined, our expertise and information assets will enable us to provide the industry with the most granular measurement solutions that reflect the ever-changing way that people are consuming content across platforms.”




The Great Debate Video-Game of Media Thrones-Who Will Wear the Crown?

Gayle Fuguitt, CEO & President, The Advertising Research Foundation, introduced this debate. Steven Wolfe Pereira, VP, Brand Strategy & Marketing Solutions, Oracle, moderated the panel composed by David Poltrack, CRO, CBS; President, CBS VISION; Howard Shimmel, CRO, Turner Broadcasting; David Morgan, CEO & Founder, Simulmedia; Margo Georgiadis, President, Americas, Operations, Google; Radha Subramanyam, President of Insights, Research & Data Analytics, iHeartMedia, and Brad Smallwood, Head of Measurements and Insights, Facebook. Participant discussed how all parties (brands, agencies and publishers) should provide transparency to data and methodologies so the industry can develop better solutions for cross platform audience buying and measurement.


Cross-Platform Measurement Criteria

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) has developed seven criteria to measure cross-platform exposure of both content and ads, according to Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director of the organization.

Charlene Weisler, writing for Media Village, discusses these criteria:

-Go beyond panels, which are too limited in size and unable to account for out-of-home viewing.

-Shift to passive measurement and solutions, such as passive electronic measurement.

-Include Census data across all platforms.

-Measurement of individuals would be optimal, but measurement of households is also useful.

-Measure ads and programming separately.

-Develop common units of analytics and metrics for reporting.

-Implement an asset identification open standard.

Weisler concludes that the pace of cross-platform measurement solutions should accelerate with the CIMM criteria in place.


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