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Cross-Platform Advertising: Current Practices and Issues for the Future

Peter Neijens, Chair in Media and Persuasion, and Hilde Voorveld, Assistant Professor at The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), provide an assessment of current cross-platform issues in this December 2015 Journal of Advertising Research article.

The authors analyze important peer-reviewed advertising and marketing journals as well as important industry sources.  The authors also conducted a brief survey among key players at media agencies about current practices to find out what they considered to be the major developments and challenges for the future.

Neijens and Voorveld found a disconnect between academics’ and practitioners’ work in the field.  The authors recommend increased collaboration between advertisers, media owners, media agencies, research companies, and academics, as well as additional research. They propose ideas for advancing both theory and practice.

The authors comment in their conclusion that, “It is impressive to note the current initiatives and the level of cooperation that already has been established, but more should be done: The different parties in the media industry should overcome their self-interests and realize that only a joint effort can help further the profession.”

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