Content Analytics

The Next Frontier: Content Analytics


Bill Harvey, Co-Founder & Chairman of ScreenSavants opened this session stating that about 65% of ROI comes from the creative and 35% from the media. Research to date has focused on optimizing media planning and helping decision-makers make go/no go decisions, but rarely has the research been designed specifically for diagnosing how to improve the content for greater chances of success. Bill presented a new method of pretesting content and helping to maintain series on the air based on a combination of online panel, set top box data, second by second voluntary nuanced response, and an empirically validated set of 270 keywords called DriverTagsTM. These Tags were tested with previous successful and cancelled programs and validated with Nielsen ratings using correlation analysis.

Key benefits of this method are:

  • Explains the “why” of a program’s rating.
  • Answers the question “how can we make it better.”
  • Speaks better the “language of creative.”
  • Helps optimizing ad placement based on the ad “fit” with the DriverTagsTM correlated with the programs.


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