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Marketing to Gen Z

The secret to Gen Z marketing success is understanding their different subcultures and connecting with them through their unique interests.

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MSI 2022-24 Research Priorities

The Marketing Science Institute (a division of the ARF) has issued its research priorities for the next two years. Research that addresses change and disruptions tops the list. Read more »

Explainable AI (XAI) Helps Minimize the Impact of Errors

  • MSI

The use of AI-based voice assistants is becoming ubiquitous, and this technology continues to develop at a rapid pace. Now, Explainable AI (XAI) can help customers understand things better and help mitigate certain kinds of errors. This research discovered that XAI can help consumers forgive minor social faux pas (violations of social norms) but not minor technical errors (failures of the algorithm interface). The series of studies also found that XAI helps consumers overcome their reluctance to use such AI-assisted technologies.

How to Flag Fake Reviews without Targeting Legitimate Ones

  • MSI

Online reviews can have a substantial impact on the consumer decision-making process. That makes them crucial to firms and online marketplaces. Some sellers are sometimes tempted to manipulate ratings to give their products fake, positive reviews. As a result, it’s important for such marketplaces, like Amazon, to eliminate fake reviews. Some methods use metadata, review characteristics, text or images to remove such reviews. This may also flag legitimate ones, however. Researchers in this study found a method using the network structure of reviews to reveal fakes without wrongly targeting authentic ones.

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Measuring Customer Sentiment 101

  • Author: Stephanie Jung, Paramount

On October 11, 2022, Stephanie Scalice, Winner of the 2022 ARF Great Mind Awards Young Pro of the Year Award and Senior Market Research Manager at LinkedIn, led the ARF Young Pros through a deep dive into NPS, CSAT and CES—the three most used metrics by modern businesses to better measure and understand customer satisfaction. Attendees learned more about what each metric is, when and how to implement it, real life applications of these tools and more.

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Challenge for Online Ads

The September issue of the JAR features two papers that address the same marketing challenge, how to increase attention to digital ads, from different perspectives.

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