You may not agree with everything the author says, but… 
Connect with Millennials and be a force for good (source: The Drum via 4 A’s SmartBrief)

Who are the heroes of today?

Today’s 20 and 30 somethings are socially conscious activists and advocates. Millennials don’t need heroes, because they are a “hero generation”.

For marketers, Millennials are difficult to reach and engage because of their fragmentation, diversity and corporate skepticism. They’re quick to run from brands, corporations and organizations that aren’t genuine or relatable. They want brands which share their values, which give them a platform to make a difference.

And here’s the opportunity for marketers. In a world where traditional institutions are crumbling, brands can fill the gap with their own citizenship and social purpose agendas. Affiliation with a cause is more important to this generation than to any previous; it’s not about what you sell, but why you sell it. And how you sell it too.