Content Development for B2B Audiences

Ken Bowen, writing for Marketing Sherpa’s blog, discusses the study, “Missing the Mark: Global Content Survey of Brand  Marketers and Their B2B audiences.”  This survey of 500 global business executives and 500 global marketers focused on content strategy and content marketing.  It was conducted by The Economist in association with the market research firm Peppercomm.

Key findings:

-Though marketers are increasing their investment in content, content strategy remains poorly understood organizationally.

-There is a massive disconnect between the content that business executives seek and the content that marketers provide.

-There is an equally large disconnect between the goals of content marketers and the KPIs they use to measure success.

-Content medium is very important to business executives.


Applying the findings of this study will result in more effective B2B content strategy and marketing.


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