Social Used Mostly for Branding, Not Performance – via MediaPost (source: Advertiser Perceptions)

The findings, which are derived from AP’s interviews of more than 300 agency and marketer executives, found that most of those budgets are either going into “sharing networks” or being bought “programmatically.”

The report also finds the vast majority of social media spending by brands is not focused on so-called “performance” — advertising intended to generate an immediate action — but on building “brand awareness.”

Only 38% of respondents said they were utilizing social media to generate “offline sales.”

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Advertising Budgeting: Where’s the Evidence?

Dr. Rachel Kennedy, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Ehrenberg Bass Institute

Comparing budgets from competing methods for a variety of categories revealed that different approaches led to significantly different budgets. The key insights from this study are provided.

  • Not all budgeting approaches are equal. Different budget approaches give different answers.
  • “Be evidence-based in selecting approaches to use.”
  • Combine key approaches. The authors recommend combining heuristics with algorithmic approaches, and considering both internally- and externally-focused perspectives.


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