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Living Single & Fewer Men Working

While marketers pay a lot of attention to consumer changes in purchase and media use behavior, demographic changes with implications for many businesses and marketers’ strategies are often overlooked. Case in point: There has been an increase in one-person households and non-married adults, especially among 50+.  Another important trend is less workforce participation by men.   Read more »

A Different Perspective on “Diversity”

While most marketers’ attention is focused on Gen Z and increasing diversity in ad creative, depictions of older adults are rarely part of that diversity. A new study concludes that bias in advertising prevents many brands from motivating a large, affluent consumer group.

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Newspaper Reading Plummets

Only 21% of Americans aged 18 or older read a newspaper every day, according to the 2021 General Social Survey. Readership has plummeted since 1972 when 69% of the American public read a newspaper daily

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The Demographics of Covid Deaths

This chart from the CDC is based on one million deaths announced this week. The median age of those who died from Covid is 75. Almost three in four who passed away were age 65+. Read more »

A Fresh Look at Generations

Two presentations discussed generational differences and change. We have previously reported on one of them, Bobby Duffy, Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute at King’s College London, who questions widely held assumptions of generational differences. The other was from J. Walker Smith, Knowledge Lead, Consulting Division, Kantar, who focused on generational change.

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Interpreting Survey Responses

Data from a recent Gallup survey remind us that responses from survey participants need to be interpreted carefully, as they are impacted by culture and respondents’ willingness to talk about certain topics. Case in point: Reported identification as LGBT appears less related to actual sexual orientation than to age.

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