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“90% of Car Commuters Are Listening to The Radio” and “Native Advertising Definitions Continue to Confuse”

From Center for Media Research – “90% of Car Commuters Are Listening to The Radio

According to Edison Research’s newly-released Share of Ear study, commuters spend an average of 87 minutes each day listening to audio in their cars.

About 9 in 10 commuters listen to traditional AM/FM radio while in their car on the way to work There are a variety of other options used — CDs (62%), commuters own digital music files (54%) and streaming internet radio (42%). 

Another statistic – ninety percent of all households have at least once car, and 85% of all workers commute by car.

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From Media Post – “Native Advertising Definitions Continue to Confuse”

The author turns to an industry leader to offer a series of definitions to a subject that seems to mean different things to different publishers, e.g. native advertising, branded content, brand journalism and sponsored content.

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