Executives still mistrust insights from data and analytics – via CIO

Data and analytics are increasingly becoming central to business decision-making. But even as organizations push to make their decision-making more data-driven, business leaders accustomed to making decisions based on gut-instincts and experience are having trouble trusting insights from data and analytics (D&A).

Forrester Consulting, commissioned by the Data and Analytics Global team at professional services firm KPMG, recently surveyed 2,165 data and analytics decision-makers from a range of industries in nine nations.

KPMG recommends organizations address seven key areas to close the trust gaps:

  •  Assess the trust gaps
  •  Create purpose by clarifying goals
  •  Raise awareness to increase internal engagement
  •  Develop an internal data and analytics culture
  •  Open up the ‘black box’ to encourage greater transparency
  •  Provide a 360-degree view by building ecosystems
  •  Stimulate innovation and analytics R&D to incubate new ideas and maintain a  competitive stance

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Extracting Insights from Vast Stores of Data via Harvard Business Review (Rishad Tobaccowla & Sunil Gupta, authors)

Companies have invested millions of dollars in big data and analytics, but recent reports suggest most have yet to see a payoff on these investments. In an age where data is the new oil, how are smart companies extracting insights from these vast data reservoirs in order to fuel profitable decisions?

Companies that have been successful in harnessing the power of data start with a specific business problem and then seek data to help in their decision-making. Contrary to what Anderson preached, the process starts with a business problem and a specific hypothesis, not data.

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Leadership Lab: Hooked on Analytics

Hooked on Analytics: How Smart Media Planners use Smart Analytics
Joe Abruzzo – EVP, Chief Exploration Officer, Havas Media


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Women in Analytics

Join ARF CEO & President, Gayle Fuguitt, and the Women in Analytics Advisory Board on February 9th for our second Women in Analytics event hosted by Pereira & O’Dell at the Barrel House.

This event will center on leadership skills, career planning, stories told and lessons learned to help advance the next generation as well as networking and needed skills.

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Leadership Lab: Getting Creative with Analytics

A Trifecta of Analytics, Advertising and Strategy

Lauren Moores – VP, Strategy, Dstillery


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Leadership Lab: The Gold Rush of Google Analytics

The Gold Rush of Google Analytics – How to Get the Most out of Google Analytics Tools

Liz Raschke – Analytics Premium, Client Engagement Specialist, Google


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Analytics-The Benefits and the Challenges

Who Will Be Increasing Their Marketing Analytics Spending by 66%

The “CMO Survey Report: Highlights and Insights,” August 2015 survey by Christine Moorman and sponsored by McKinsey & Company, American Marketing Association, and The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, analyzes spending on marketing analytics by firm and industry characteristics.  The survey shows how companies use marketing analytics to drive decisions, how that use is changing, and other metrics related to marketing analytics.  This survey also analyzes other issues of concern to CMOs.  TAGS: CMOs, marketing analytics.  See more . . . Source: http://cmosurvey.org/files/2015/09/The_CMO_Survey-Highlights_and_Insights-Aug-2015.pdf

How to Deliver Positive ROI by Using Predictive Marketing

This Forbes Insights report, “The Predictive Journey,” undertaken in association with Lattice Engines, is based on their 2015 Survey on Predictive Marketing Strategies.  According to this report, mature users of predictive analytics technology report tangible gains to their bottom lines.  Eighty-six percent of marketing executives who have been overseeing predictive marketing for at least two years report an increased return on investments as a result of their predictive marketing. The report also reports on the business value gained from predictive marketing, predictive marketing success metrics, and other key findings. TAG: predictive analytics.  See more . . . Source: http://images.forbes.com/forbesinsights/StudyPDFs/Lattice-ThePredictiveJourney-REPORT.pdf

CPG Firms Too Slowly Becoming Analytics-Driven Organizations?

This research report by Accenture, “CPG Firms Slowly Evolving to Analytics-Driven Organizations,” explores how CPG companies are structuring analytics-driven organizations, and how they are “infusing” analytics into the decision-making processes.  While some of the largest CPG companies (revenue more than $5 billion) have analytics well integrated into core processes, this report concludes that most CPG companies are in the early stage of their analytics journey.  However, companies are committing resources to analytics, and this evolution is accelerating. The report also addresses the barriers that prevent CPG companies from realizing value from analytics, such as the challenges of hiring talent with advanced analytics expertise.  TAG: CPG.  See more . . . Source:  https://www.accenture.com/ae-en/~/media/Accenture/Conversion-Assets/DotCom/Documents/Global/PDF/Industries_2/Accenture-CPG-Firms-Slowly-Evolving-to-Analytics-Driven-Organizations.pdf

Will Your Data Analytic Efforts Fail?

David Court, a Director in McKinsey’s Dallas Office, analyzes the challenges faced by companies undergoing the transformation necessary to realize the large-scale benefits of data analytics in this McKinsey Quarterly article, “Getting Big Impact From Big Data.” This article provides some of the reasons why data analytics efforts fail to achieve the scale necessary, as well as analyzing the new tools and approaches that are available.  Among the actions recommended are a focus on change management, a redesign of workflows and jobs, as well as a building a foundation of analytics within the corporate culture.  TAG: data analytics.  See more . . . Source:  http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/business_technology/getting_big_impact_from_big_data

Report by White Ops and ANA – “Did Ad Fraud Increase or Decrease Y-O-Y?”

Suzanne Vranica, writing for The Wall Street Journal, discusses the study done by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and White Ops Inc. on bot fraud in this article, “Bogus Web Traffic Continues to Plague the Ad Business.” The 2015 study found that between 3% and 37% of the ad impressions of advertisers participating in this study were created by bots. Bot traffic ranged from 2% to 22% in the 2014 study. The article analyzes the red flags related to ad fraud. TAG: bot fraud.  See more . . . Source:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/bogus-web-traffic-continues-to-plague-the-ad-business-1453204801

Leadership Lab: An Overview of Analytics

An Overview of Analytics: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Augustine Fou – Chief Marketing Scientist, The ARF


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