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Confidence in Media at Record Lows

Gallup states that Americans’ confidence in institutions has been lacking for most of the past 15 years. Moreover, their trust in key institutions hit a new low this year, with significant declines for 11 of the 16 institutions tested, and no improvements for any of them.

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Bots Don’t Buy

A marketing analyst finds that bots cause several problems for digital advertising and suggests a solution. 

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Emmy Nominations for Commercials

A pair of comedic Apple ads and two anti-gun violence messages earned four of the six Outstanding Commercial Emmy nominations from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The winner be announced during the awards ceremony on September 12th.

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Brands Improve Ad Experiences

Today’s consumers have practically unlimited choices when it comes to the content they watch and the brands they choose. Therefore, brands are continuously grappling with the best ways to provide audiences with favorable and effective ad experiences. This is also important because viewers now have higher expectations for relevant and enjoyable ad experiences.

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The ARF WIDE Challenge

ARF WIDE’s mission is to develop and nurture the next generation of diverse talent in the research and insights industry. WIDE is designed to building a workforce that will make our industry better by representing the voices of all consumers.

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A Remembrance to Ceril Shagrin

Media Research lost one of the most important champions of transparent, accountable measurement last weekend. Ceril Shagrin, while working at Nielsen and Univision, invested time and energy pushing standards of excellence within the Media Rating Council (MRC) and Council for Research Excellence (CRE) among other forums.

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Newspaper Reading Plummets

Only 21% of Americans aged 18 or older read a newspaper every day, according to the 2021 General Social Survey. Readership has plummeted since 1972 when 69% of the American public read a newspaper daily

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