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Highlights of CIMM’s Cross-Platform & Data Summit (Part 1)

Last week CIMM had over 200 industry leaders at its 8th annual Cross-Platform Video Measurement & Data Summit. Jane Clarke, CEO & Managing Director of CIMM, highlighted progress providing solutions for cross-media measurement, but also pointed to gaps and “blind spots”.

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The Impact of Data Privacy Concerns

How people think about their data and privacy has fundamentally changed. We’ve seen significant shifts happen in our industry because people have lost trust in how some businesses use their data.  And it’s more than just a reaction to the latest privacy breach. People are trying to take back control of their personal information.

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How Data Science is Changing Attribution

Multichannel attribution assigns marketing credit to more than one marketing channel or touchpoint. It also provides more complete data on a customer’s path to purchase than does last-click attribution, which credits a purchase or conversion to the last ad clicked by a customer.

While companies can better prove the value of their marketing efforts with multichannel attribution, they have a long way to go in gaining a deeper understanding of their campaign metrics.

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Spotify Versus Ad Blockers

Spotify notified users that its new policies include a ban on ad blocking technology. “The following is not permitted for any reason whatsoever: circumventing or blocking advertisements in the Spotify Service, or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements in the Spotify Service,” the new terms say.

With its tougher stance, Spotify says it has the right to suspend any accounts that use ad blockers.

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Smartwatch Penetration in US is Rising

According to The NPD Group’s new Smartwatch Total Market Report, dollar sales of smartwatches in the US for the 12 months ending November 2018 were up 51%, totaling nearly $5 billion in sales.

While Apple is the clear market leader, the report reveals that the top three brands (Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit) made up 88% of smartwatch unit sales during the timeframe.

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Measuring Influencer’s Influence

Influencer marketing has become big but to be truly effective marketers need to choose the right people and avoid getting sucked into vanity metrics, warns Tania Yuki of Shareablee.

She says there is still confusion among marketers about which metrics to focus on when it comes to selecting influencers, which types of influencers will work most effectively for different types of campaigns, and how to assess post-campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

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Test Your Digital Transformation Know-How

Many companies feel good about the progress they’ve made in digital transformation, but is that confidence stalling them from achieving true results? Take this quiz to measure your knowledge of digital transformation, and receive a free Slideshow of how marketers, agencies and ad tech executives view their efforts.

Source: eMarketer. (2019, February 4). Quiz: Test Your Digital Transformation Know-How. eMarketer.

Editor’s Note: There are 5 multiple choice questions.

Super Bowl Commercials, Continued

With the Super Bowl over, we can now begin the postmortem on the commercials.  There’s disagreement about which ads got the most social media activity.

Salesforce rated the top five spots in this order based on Most Mentioned Advertisers: Avocados from Mexico; Pepsi, Doritos, Bud Light and Kraft.

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Meet the Creator of the Egg That Broke Instagram

When Chris Godfrey learned in early January that the record for “likes” on an Instagram post was held by the celebrity and businesswoman Kylie Jenner, he took it as a challenge. He remembers thinking: “Could something as universal and simple as an egg be great enough to beat that record?”
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