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The Future of Ad Creative?

A new study in the Journal of Advertising Research explores the role of deep fakes and A.I. on ad creative and consumer response to advertising

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Will Digital Ads Become Less Effective?

Sponsored by Meta

A new study by Meta concludes that changes in how data is used in online advertising can have a significant negative impact on the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns. This research can help us understand what work the industry can prioritize to help advertisers in a privacy-conscious environment.

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Optimizing Brand Differentiation

Kantar’s Dom Boyd says that brand differentiation is the most important driver of brand growth and that we should pay more attention to which kind of brand differentiation drives sales.

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How to Improve Prosocial Messages

Many companies have employed prosocial messaging and more diverse portrayals in advertising. New research explored if and how those strategies can improve consumers’ perceptions of brands and increase sales.  Read more »

The New ARF Privacy Study

The ARF’s latest Privacy Study, to be released next week, provides new insights on trends in consumers’ concerns and attitudes regarding sharing personal data. Read more »

Attention Events

Two events take place next week that are designed to help marketers create attention-grabbing and effective messages.

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Meet the New JAR Editor

Dr. Colin Campbell, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of San Diego’s Knauss School of Business, has succeeded Dr. John Ford as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Advertising Research, as of September 1st. 

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