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Political Opinions Drive Media Perceptions

Research by Ipsos reveals that political party affiliation is an important driver of most Americans’ views about movies and TV – leading to the stunning finding that Black Americans are now more likely to say they see “people like me” in entertainment than White Americans.

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Sonic Branding is Back

The use of specific sounds, audio cues and music for branding is nothing new — it has been employed since radio became a mass medium. But as many marketers are rediscovering, sonic branding researchers are exploring best practices for today’s media environment.

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AI Facilitates Product Placements

AI makes it easy to place products into video content and make those digital insertions look more realistic than ever. This is likely to further increase product placements – a good reason to revisit the research that provides insights on how to make them effective.

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Super Bowl Ads Revisited

As all media are full of analyses, polls and commentaries, with this year’s Super Bowl ads, it is worth looking at research insights from past Super Bowls.

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Three Little Words

How would you describe a show or movie in three words? Netflix does. And according to a New York Times article, that is one of the drivers of the streamer’s success. Read more »

DEI in 2024

In addition to the ARF event, DEI and diversity were recently addressed by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) strategic partners in their forecasts for 2024 priorities and in a new Morning Consult study.

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AI Predictions

The New York Times Dealbook made predictions for the “Evolution of AI” in 2024 and 2025. They include increased use of AI in marketing.    Read more »

New Insights on Attitudes about Privacy

The findings of the ARF’s Sixth Annual (2023) Privacy Study have just been released. It reveals changes in many consumers’ attitudes and awareness of privacy regulations and practices.     

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