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How to Increase Data Accuracy

Data quality and the choice research mode have a large impact on findings obtained through both big data and panels. It is important to be aware of these sources of bias to avoid misleading conclusions.

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Research-Based Marketing in Uncertain Times

Is there research that can help marketers navigate today’s unpredictable environment?  At this event, experts recommended focusing on pricing and rethinking the “don’t go dark” rule, but they disagreed on which measures are best for optimizing marketing plans and their impact.

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Marketing to Gen Z

The secret to Gen Z marketing success is understanding their different subcultures and connecting with them through their unique interests.

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Performance Pressures?

A survey among marketers conducted for the WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2023, shows that almost half plan to increase their investment in performance, while less than a third plan increased branding spend. However, that is only part of the story. Read more »

Better Tools to Optimize Creative

A new white paper outlines how innovative methods offer marketers new research tools that can produce more effective creative in the current marketing landscape.

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MSI 2022-24 Research Priorities

The Marketing Science Institute (a division of the ARF) has issued its research priorities for the next two years. Research that addresses change and disruptions tops the list. Read more »

What About Brand Safety?

A major new study by Meta examined the impact of ad adjacency to risky content. The study concluded that there is “minimal-to-no association for content adjacent to ads regardless of risk severity of the content”.

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