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A weekly round-up of the industry’s top stories and research curated by the ARF.

How to Improve Ad Experiences on Streaming Services

The growth of ad-supported streaming services continues to be one of the most important developments in the media. A new study confirms that acceptance of advertising is a major driver behind that trend, but also shows that consumer satisfaction with streaming advertising is not as high as it could be.

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Ad Spend Trends

Guideline has issued an analysis of ad spending trends in several key markets, showing both similarities and differences.

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AI Dos and Don’ts

News You Can Use will feature a series on AI prepared by the ARF’s research team entitled, “AI Dos and Don’ts.” In the first report, the team has discovered a few don’ts. 

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What is an “Authentic” Brand?

Many studies have shown that consumers want authenticity in advertising and branding and that the perception of authenticity can be an important driver of marketing success. But what exactly does authenticity mean to consumers?   Read more »

What do Consumers Really Think?

Accurately measuring consumers’ beliefs and attitudes is more complex and difficult than we assume, according to several new books on misinformation and beliefs.   Read more »