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A weekly round-up of the industry’s top stories and research curated by the ARF.

Too Many TV Choices?

“Choice Paralysis” is a well-established concept that describes consumers’ confusion and hesitancy in making choices when there are too many options. Is this an issue for viewers of streaming services?  

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The Wit and Wisdom of Erwin Ephron

The ARF is using AI to summarize all 152 of Erwin Ephron’s newsletters and opining on how Erwin’s thoughts would relate to the media environment of today. Look for WOW! The Wit and Wisdom of Erwin Ephron, in mid-October. The following was contributed by ARF CRO Paul Donato, who describes this project in greater detail.
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While You Were Away…

The end of August and Labor Day weekend are vacation periods for many in our industries. Here are news items you may have missed while you were away. Read more »

More Product Placements?

Recent reports predict an increase in product placement and product integration spending. Research shows how to make them more effective.

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How Technology Impacts Media Use

We sometimes overlook the profound impact of technology on media use. New data show how smart TV technology continues to impact how consumers access content.  Read more »

A Fresh Look at 50+ Consumers

The importance of consumers age 50+ is not always recognized, this research confirms. It also finds that this group is changing in some surprising ways.

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