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No More ‘’Optimization for Optimization’s Sake”

Programmatic technology has democratized access to data-driven advertising. The average marketer has access to unprecedented levels of raw information that probes consumers’ needs, wants and desires. Obtaining and operationalizing data is no longer the challenge.

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Lessons from the World’s Best Campaigns

Using purpose to power behavioral change, involving customers to drive brand engagement and weaving creativity into the customer experience, are the three main themes that power the world’s most creative campaigns, according to a new WARC report.

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Cord-Cutting Hits Video Games

Video games are the next entertainment industry undergoing a major disruption, all the way down to the consoles and controllers.

“In the past, you plunked down $60 at GameStop for a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Madden NFL and played it out — after which you could trade it in or let it gather dust,” the AP reports. “Now, you’ll increasingly have the choice of subscribing to games, playing for free or possibly just streaming them over the internet to your phone or TV.”

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In Brief: Viewers’ Favorite TV Brands

Among all consumers, 44% picked Netflix if they could only keep a limited number of platforms, according to Hub Entertainment Research. CBS, NBC, and ABC were next, with 29%, 28%, and 28% scores, respectively. ESPN was at 24%.

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New Research on “Attention”

How to get consumers to pay attention to advertising has been an important issue for marketers for decades. For good reason: attention has been shown to be an antecedent to ad success.

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Marketers Surveyed on First Party Data

“The Data-Confident Marketer,” a study by Advertiser Perceptions and MightyHive, examines marketers’ views on first-party data: how they’re using it, where it lives in their organization, and how soon they expect first-party data to start producing results.

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Controversy Over a Digital Billboard Cruising in New York City Rivers

New York City officials filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against a media company on Wednesday, accusing it of illegally operating a barge with digital billboards on the city’s waterways. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop Ballyhoo Media from placing the floating advertisements in the East and Hudson rivers. Zoning regulations prohibit advertising on waterways throughout most of the city, including along residential and commercial zones and in view of highways and bridges, according to city officials.
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MRC Proposes 100% Viewable Cross-Media Ad Standard

In a move that is designed to make it easier for advertisers, agencies and their suppliers to measure, account for and compare video ads distributed across platforms from TV to smartphones, the Media Rating Council (MRC) released a draft of its cross-media audience measurement standards.

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