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Redefining the Marketing Funnel

“Intent is Redefining the Marketing Funnel: A New Formula for Growth”

Allan Thygesen President, Americas, Google / Kristin Lemkau CMO, JPMorgan Chase

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Kraft Heinz – “Leave Room for Risk”

“Leave Room for Risk”

Michelle St. Jacques, Head of US Brand & R&D, at Kraft Heinz; Magen Hanrahan, VP Media, and Marketing Services, Kraft Heinz; Moderator: Catherine Roe, Senior Direct Client Relationships, Oracle Data Cloud

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Oxford Research Documents the Alarming Rise of Disinformation in Social Media

The spread of disinformation across social media has emerged as a critical threat to the role public information plays in a properly functioning democracy. This trend undermines consumer trust in media and many governments feel threatened by fake news and foreign intervention, especially during election times. A new report analyzes the trend of organized media manipulation and the growing capacities, strategies, and resources that support this phenomenon. 

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‘Magazines Are Dead’, Debunked

MPA president and CEO Linda Thomas-Brooks spoke out against the latest round of “magazines are dead” trope – as she referred to it – pointing out that relying on small sets of data leads to misleading conclusions.

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Nielsen to Begin Measuring Audio Diaries Monthly

Nielsen announced plans to begin measuring all audio diary markets on a monthly basis, making radio audience ratings more frequent and continuous. Nielsen previously measured the audience in diary markets either quarterly or twice annually.

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Measuring Viewability

Viewability is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. It helps marketers by providing metrics on the number of times their ads actually appear in front of users.

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Marketers Need New TV Metrics

Editor’s Note: Two articles, from different sources, mirrored this opinion: marketers no longer have the tools to accurately determine what messages connect with consumers. (Article one of two.)

Gian Fulgoni is the founder and former chairman/CEO of comScore. This article appears in the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) entitled, “Why Marketers Need New Measures of Consumer Engagement: How Expanding Platforms, the 6-Second Ad, and Fewer Ads Alter Engagement and Outcomes”.

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