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The Future of Media Demands Radical Change

Most magazines and newspapers (shockingly, not all) have launched online, in one form or another, but far fewer have figured out a way to get people to consistently pay for or read stories and visual content that used to drive newsstand sales, print subscriptions and advertising, all of which have been squeezed over at least the last decade. Publishers of magazines and newspapers seem focused on how to carry on with all of those things instead of testing entirely new ways of delivering and paying for content.
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The Year’s Best Media Plans

Editor’s Note: The first part of this article comes from Adweek’s Staff; more about the winner from The Drum follows.

 The Year’s 23 Best Media Plans 

Brands used audacious tactics to effectively reach consumers and sparked conversation with next-level innovation and creativity.
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What the FTC Needs to Keep in Mind as to Modernize

What’s a good, succinct way to describe the current US system of data security and privacy regulation? “It’s a mess,” said Daniel Solove, a professor of law at George Washington University. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is hosting a series of hearings to help it rethink its approach to policy and antitrust enforcement and better keep up with the pace of tech. Here are five issues the FTC must consider as it hammers out priorities for policy and enforcement in the 21st century.
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In Brief: A Decade of Annual NFL Ratings // Household Incomes Hit a New Record (but are you in the “Middle Class?”)

The declines NFL football is experiencing aren’t unique. Prime-time entertainment ratings have been declining for the broadcast networks and many cable channels. This season, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC have all experienced rating declines in their prime-time lineups. Despite its falloff, NFL programming still accounted for 33 of the top 50 programs on TV in 2017, according to the league. The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider.

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The Strategic Choice for Television

The strategic choice for television is to either compete with digital media or become digital. On the consumer side, digital delivers video on any device at any time. On the business side, digital provides addressable targeting, real-time buying, and response tracking of outcomes.
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New Data on OTT Subscribers

The length of time users have owned an OTT video service — as well as its cancellation rates — have remained relatively steady over the last three years, according to Parks Associates, i.e. the average length for a OTT video services is 30 months.
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HP Asks: What Does an ‘All-American Family’ Look Like?

According to an HP-commissioned study of 2,000 people, 74% percent believed that the typical household in this country fits the generational and societal “white picket fence” stereotype, i.e. a heterosexual white man, woman, and children. However, according to the 2010 US Census, only one in four American families matches that description.
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