Teams & Talent

Discover the latest and most impactful research on teams, talent, training and organizational design here. All the research listed comes from the ARF or one of its subsidiaries: The Journal of Advertising Research (JAR), the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) or the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). Feel free to bookmark this page, as it will be updated periodically.

JAR: Drivers of Creativity within Advertising Agencies

What is the most effective organizational structure for development of advertising campaigns at ad agencies? Analyzing 554 ad campaigns, researchers conducted field interviews with ad-agency professionals at 31 firms representing 75-80 percent of billings for markets in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, leading to further questions on improving structural, creative and strategic outcomes.

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MSI: Ethnographic Stories for Market Learning

Examines how ethnography can be implemented, and contributes to market learning, in corporate environments; uses in-depth analysis of two companies and a cross-sectional study of ethnographic projects in several industries, countries, and strategic contexts.

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