Future States

Read the latest and most impactful research on future states and emerging technologies for innovating research methods here. All the research listed comes from the ARF or one of its subsidiaries: The Journal of Advertising Research (JAR), the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) or the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). Feel free to bookmark this page, as it will be updated periodically.

JAR: Can Advertisers Overcome Consumer Qualms with Virtual Reality?

For companies that advertise using virtual self-guided panoramic tours, there hasn’t been much insight into how this form of virtual reality influences consumer behavior. This study shows that such tours can attract customers, increase authenticity and decrease perceptions that they are being manipulated.

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KaH: Oracle Data Cloud Tackles Audience Quality

In 2018, $57 billion was spent on digital display advertising. That doesn’t mean those resources were used wisely. One crucial issue is the need to focus on audience quality. Failure to do so can lead to consumers being buffeted with messages or confronted with irrelevant ones. As a result, they become frustrated and turned off. This equates to missed opportunities and wasted resources. Read More

KAH: What’s the Perfect Synergy between Employees and Technology…and the role of AI

Technology is immersive nowadays. As a result, companies strive to strike the ideal balance between the human element and utilizing technology, in order to attract, service, and retain customers. Their biggest desires are providing optimal customer experiences, while maintaining operational efficiency. Meanwhile, customers desire
a convenient, responsive, personalized experience when interacting with companies. This begs the question, what’s the ideal synergy between employees and technology? Read more.

JAR: Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

This early assessment (2015)breaks down AI into its various components, or building blocks, to help advertisers deepen their understanding of the consumers and the consumer journey.

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KaH: When Brands Go Dark

The decision to scale back or eliminate the advertising budget is never easy for marketers and to “go dark” can have various causes, from a broad economic recession to narrower industry or company-specific revenue or growth challenges. Whatever the cause, “going dark” has both short- and long-term implications. Read More.

KAH: Optimizing Mobile Survey Research

The number of consumers starting surveys on their smartphones has grown more than 8x the rate of the industry’s growth. Yet drop-offs rates are 20% higher than on PC. The ARF has developed guidelines to overcome this challenge and optimize mobile survey responses. Read More.

KaH: Introduction to Neuroscience and Biometric Marketing Research Methods

Neuroscience-based marketing research offers new tools for improving advertising creative and testing methods. After conducting two research projects, the ARF has concluded that these methods have the potential to provide important new insights for evaluating commercials and other visual/print stimuli and for identifying creative executions that sell more. The ARF also offers recommendations to strengthen the use of neuroscience-based research. Read More.