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Find the latest and most impactful research on advertising creative here. All the research listed comes from the ARF or one of its subsidiaries: The Journal of Advertising Research (JAR), the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) or the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). Feel free to bookmark this page, as it will be updated periodically.

Disruptive Streaming Video Ads Hurt Product Involvement/Brand Recognition


Consumers may love online video platforms like YouTube, but when it comes to the inevitable disruption—the annoying mid-roll ads that start playing in the middle of a scene, sentence or word—they are not so amused. In fact, new research shows that the irritation caused by these ads leads to lower levels of product involvement and brand recognition than that garnered by non-disruptive ads.

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JAR Calls for Papers: Immersive Technologies & Prosocial Advertising


Editors at the Journal of Advertising Research have launched two new calls for papers on timely themes — one on immersive technologies and the other on prosocial advertising messages. Interested in contributing your robust work in these areas? Read on to learn about goals for each call and the journal’s resources and support toward submitting a successful paper.

How Speed Preference During Travel Affects Mobile Marketing

  • MSI

Today, it is more common than ever for consumers to access media and make decisions on the go. Marketers need to know how being in a state of mobility affects them in order to reach them with the right message at the right time. This study helps shed a little light on how such mobility itself may influence consumer thinking and behavior.

New Research Methods Strengthen Ad Creative’s Impact


Advertising creative is critical to driving business growth and positive business outcomes for brands, several studies have shown. It is also crucial to the overall ecosystem and brands’ ability to reach their marketing goals. Given the importance of good creative, the ARF Creative Council put together a white paper to inform and educate members on new methods and approaches for generating and optimizing advertising creative content. These fresh and innovative methods offer potent insights during the creative development process. The white paper focuses on tools that can be leveraged in the early stages of creative development, particularly those that take advantage of state-of-the-art technology.

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Does Anthropomorphism Help or Hurt Brands Entering Foreign Markets?


Talking M&Ms, Mr. Peanut, the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Doughboy are among the most popular anthropomorphic product characters, many of which we remember since childhood. A new study asks: How can a brand that uses this popular communication strategy avoid the negative impact of consumer ethnocentrism—the belief that buying foreign products is wrong—when entering foreign markets?

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