A Spotlight on Digital Tracking

Today’s consumers are using an ever-increasing number of digital and social channels and platforms to watch videos and programming content, listen to music, buy products and services, and communicate with others. This is leading to a need for measuring actual behaviors across multiple devices to build a stronger and more accurate reflection of consumers’ lives and digital segments.

Digital tracking solutions are now available and provide new insight into behavior by passively collecting individual traffic in real-time. We’ll provide you with a sense of what’s now possible, and how brands can tap into new insight to improve their consumer insight programs.

Attendees will learn:

  • How digital tracking can offer deeper insights into path-to-purchase, media measurement, and digital behavior
  • The importance of exploring the intersection of claimed and observed behavior
  • How to create new segments using attitudinal and behavioral data in real time
  • How to use digital tracking for advertising measurement and effectiveness
  • Case studies – new insights learned, and more.



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