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2023 PRESS


As Brands Spend More in Connected TV, They Must Pay Closer Attention to How It’s Viewed – and Measured
WARC, 1/21

2022 PRESS


Peak TV May Be Coming To An End
Forbes, 12/21

ARF: 5%+ Of U.S. Homes Have No TV Set, ACR Data, vMVPDs Complicating Measurement
MediaPost, 12/20

ARF’s DASH study reveals the reality around US consumer device and account sharing
WARC, 4/18


In The Press Device and account sharing – what is really going on?
asiCast 137, Interview with Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer, 4/11

In The Press Why Netflix and other streamers are cracking down on password sharing
Los Angeles Times, 4/14 (Subscribers only)

In The Press Latest Survey Finds Password Sharing Among 33% Of Netflix Subscribers, 29% Across D2C Streamers
MediaPost: Digital News Daily, 3/30

In The Press New Survey: 33% of Netflix Subscribers are Password Sharers
NextTV, 3/29

In The Press Netflix Can Add $1.6 Billion in Annual Revenue with Expansion of Password Sharing Fee: Analyst
NextTV, 3/22

In The Press Netflix’s Password Crackdown Will Be Tougher Than It Seems
Variety, 3/21

In The Press Why Netflix Is Moving to Collect Fees From Password-Sharing Violators
Variety, 3/17

In The Press Why Netflix Will Soon Crack Down in America, Too – 49% of U.S. Customers Share Their Password with Family and Friends Outside Their Home
NextTV, 3/17

In The Press Streamers Crack Down on Password Sharing as Cancellations Rise
Axios, 3/17

In The Press ARF Releases First DASH Study to Aid Big Data Audience Modelers
MediaVillage, 3/16

In The Press ARF Licenses Comprehensive Universe Study to Solve for Digital Fragmentation
MultiChannel Merchant, 3/8