Having In-Depth Research on Consumers’ Values Yields Tremendous Benefits

  • ARF Knowledge at Hand, CMO Brief

In decades past, demographic characteristics were considered the strongest predictors of consumers’ values, attitudes and purchasing behavior. Over time, however, they have grown to become weak predictors and correlates. In this Knowledge at Hand report, Dr. Horst Stipp, EVP at the ARF, summarizes the latest and most impactful research to date on consumer values and how researching them carefully can help shape effective business strategies and impactful ad messages.

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Too Much Attention?

One expert argues that attention alone does not bring ad success and that we should not forget the other important levels of the “ARF Model.”

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Media Experiences That Are Meaningful to the Consumer

Parvati Vaish of Havas Media presented a yearly study they perform showing that 75% of brands would be forgotten if it were not for advertising. Brands that resonate outperform from a business standpoint. It is important to know your audience, be in the right context and give the right content. They need to be optimized and working together. More is not always more. Attention may help deliver outcomes more efficiently.

Conversations with “Great Minds”

Two 2022 ARF Great Mind Award recipients, Martin Renaud, winner of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Award and Dr. Duane Varan, winner of the Erwin Ephron Demystification Award, shared insights on how research should be used to improve marketing. 

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Measuring Influencer Impact

The ANA has introduced a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement to help advertisers better assess influencer marketing’s value. Read more »