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Creators Drive Commerce

Vita MolisHead of Research & Insights, NA & Global Functions, TikTok

Abby ThorsgaardResearch & Insights Manager, TikTok

Vita Molis and Abby Thorsgaard, both from TikTok, discussed the reasons that TikTok’s creators are impactful, drive full funnel metrics for brands and are a good investment for advertisers. Consumers view TikTok creators as authentic and informative. Not only do people learn from creators in a fun and engaging format, they also trust and relate to them. Sixty percent of consumers find TikTok creators more influential than celebrities. Creator content on TikTok is entertaining and on-brand. The real and approachable persona of TikTok creators is transferable to brands. For example, one in two consumers accurately recalled the brand after exposure to a creator’s ad. Additionally, after watching creator content on TikTok, consumers said they felt like part of the creator’s community, as well as part of the brand’s community. Research methodology across four studies included quantitative surveys, in-context exposure, advanced analytics, eye tracking and qualitative research. A max diff exercise helped to define how creators drive commerce through the lens of the specific attributes of creators and their content. Research partners were Hotspex, Lumen, MarketCast and Material. This research enabled TikTok to prove that consumers rely on creators and their recommendations to learn about brands and to make purchase decisions. Importantly, this research also validated TikTok’s hypothesis that creators drive commerce. Sixty-five percent of TikTok users said they always rely on creator recommendations to decide what to buy online. The research also defined creative best practices for brands working with TikTok creators. Brands should leverage creator ads to inform and entertain. Consumers were motivated by ads showing the product, utilizing music and having a strong branding presence, including logos. Additionally, creator ads which featured a call to action saw a 205% uplift in purchase intent.

Key Takeaways

  • Creators on TikTok drive commerce and brands can leverage the influence of these creators to achieve full funnel metrics for brands.
  • Build relationships with brand-aligned creators to tap into their community credibility.
  • Collaborate with creators to create content that demonstrates value of the brand’s product or service.
  • Leverage an “always engaged” strategy, which includes ads, organic content, working with creators and leaning into the trends and communities on TikTok. This strategy enables brands to maximize their return.

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