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Navigating the Evolving Media Landscape

  • OTT 2023

The media landscape continues to evolve, arguably at a faster rate than ever. Leading media and measurement experts presented research-based insights on how viewers use different forms of TV/video on various platforms. Attendees joined us at the Warner Bros. Discovery Studios in California and via livestream to understand the latest data and discussions of the data’s implications.

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AI, Chatbots and Market Research

While the impact of AI and chatbots on advertising is widely discussed, there has been less focus on their role in marketing research. MSI events and an MSI working paper have addressed the issue and reached noteworthy conclusions. Read more »

What are the Drivers Behind Metric Use in a Global Setting?

  • MSI

Marketers are under increasing pressure to be accountable for their actions. Using metrics is a big part of how they justify their decisions across the organization. Increasingly, firms are becoming global entities. Yet, there is little to no research looking into what drives metric use across countries. Researchers in this study analyzed over 4,000 marketing mix decisions in 16 countries. Their report offers important insights for top executives who want to understand what is driving downstream managerial metric use.

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In a follow-up discussion for the “Understanding Audiences” track, Havas Media’s Peter Sedlarcik delves deeper into the ways the panelists are measuring for their clients, from the challenges of creating custom platforms and how technology’s rapid advances are affecting how they reconcile data, to balancing rigorous methodology with dynamic measurement approaches.

A Holistic Measurement Journey

Change has been the only constant of the past 18 months, but for brands that know how to adapt, this change represents opportunity. Holistic measurement – from understanding incremental impact across channels to building in considerations for macro factors like consumer behavior shifts and the pandemic – is key to sustained growth.

FORECASTING 2022: How Can Scenario Planning Improve Agility in Adjusting to Change?

On July 12, 2022, forecasting, and product experts shared frameworks and strategies for participants to consider as they plan amid disruptions in the industry. Presenters discussed techniques marketers could use to drive consumer action and advocacy — as well as econometric models for search trends, insights on holistic analytics programs, reflections on gold standard probability methods — and new forecasting techniques in the wake of the pandemic and more.

The Power of Creative Data: Insights & Applications from 1 Trillion Ad Impressions

In this session, Anastasia Leng of CreativeX argued that marketing and creative have the power to change things. In the face of an increased ad pool, which has gone up 6x in the last 20 years, ads now have a smaller shelf-life and need to be created in a more customized manner. In large part, technology has created this challenging landscape in marketing and advertising, but technology can now also help to address these new challenges. She pointed to computer vision technology which can help by supplying data created from “micro-feedback,” by clustering this information and fusing this feedback to create more useful macro-data to base decisions on.

Mentoring Meet-up — Three Leaders, Three Stories

At our first ARF Women in Analytics Mentoring Meet-Up of the year, we heard from three industry trailblazers on the “what”, “why” and “how” of their careers. Colleen Funkey of The Estée Lauder Companies, Gloria Cox of The Cambridge Group and Renata Policicio of WarnerMedia reflected on their unique journeys and shared the steps they took and lessons they learned. From what inspired them to originally go into market research to how they now navigate their careers at a senior level, speakers gave attendees advice on what they can do to ensure their careers are satisfying and successful. Attendees also participated in small breakout groups with the speakers to connect, ask questions and share their own personal reflections.

Measuring Customer Sentiment 101

On October 11, 2022, Stephanie Scalice, Winner of the 2022 ARF Great Mind Awards Young Pro of the Year Award and Senior Market Research Manager at LinkedIn, led the ARF Young Pros through a deep dive into NPS, CSAT and CES—the three most used metrics by modern businesses to better measure and understand customer satisfaction. Attendees learned more about what each metric is, when and how to implement it, real life applications of these tools and more.

Measuring Campaign Incrementality Using Both First Party And Third-Party Identifiers

Hong Zou of Adobe talked about how they measure campaign incrementality and ROI using both first-party and third-party identifiers. Their method was born in 2020, out of the need to refocus from lower funnel marketing campaign performance to upper funnel performance. Adobe matches one group of people exposed to the campaign with a look-alike group who were not exposed. Since all other attributes are the same, any differences can be attributed to the campaign itself.