Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards

Kantar tested over 13,000 ads in 75 markets in 2021. It used this research to learn more about what makes winning ads – ads that stand out, generating sales in the short term and building brand equity in the long term.

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Getting Creative Right: The Dynamics of Interactive Video Ads

Over the past two decades, Duane Varan of MediaScience has conducted more than 100 studies about video advertisements that have interactivity features. “We know that interactivity is physiologically more arousing; people are more engaged, and that translates into better memory,” he said. “So, we know that interactive ads work, but now the question is: Why do they work, (and not) what we can do, but what we should do.”

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The A-B-4C Model of Winning Advertising

What is the special sauce that elevates an advertising campaign from workmanship to artistry? Olson Zaltman researchers reviewed more than 200 of the most iconic advertising campaigns to “separate the best of the best from the rest,” then wove their findings into what they called the A-B-4C Model of Winning Advertising. Brands and agencies developing new creative can look to this model, or look at existing ideas through lens of this model, to see which elements of it are in their campaigns. “There’s no guarantee your brand will be a huge hit, you still have to pull the correct emotional levels,” James Forr asserted. However, having “one or more of these elements suggests that the odds of success for your campaign will go up significantly”:

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MISFITS: How Creativity in Advertising Sparks Brand Growth

The advertising industry needs more support in its efforts to harness creativity. Pointing to a Cannes-Lions State of Creativity report statistic—just 20% of brand leaders feel confident they can convince CFOs to invest in high-quality creative work—Adam Sheridan of Ipsos believes his research can help agencies and brand managers overcome barriers to adopting and promoting quality creative. He offered insights from his upcoming book, MISFITS: How Creativity in Advertising Sparks Brand Growth.

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JAR: Shoppers Like Explicit Donation Links in Cause-Related Marketing Ads

Companies increasingly target nonprofit web and social media followers by using cause-related marketing display ads on the websites of charity or nonprofit organizations. Two key formats are used: either transactional (representing an explicit donation amount that a consumer can make to the nonprofit) or nontransactional (representing online cause sponsorship). Which one is more successful? A new study has some answers.  Read the article.

JAR: Which Noncelebrity Endorser Is Best: Staff or Customer?

One way for smaller brands to save money on advertising is to use their customers and employees as endorsers, rather than spend big bucks (and risk fame fallout) on a superstar. So, which type of noncelebrity endorser is most effective, and under what circumstances? Findings from European researchers offer practical solutions to these questions.  Read the article.