Too Many TV Choices?

“Choice Paralysis” is a well-established concept that describes consumers’ confusion and hesitancy in making choices when there are too many options. Is this an issue for viewers of streaming services?  

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While You Were Away…

The end of August and Labor Day weekend are vacation periods for many in our industries. Here are news items you may have missed while you were away. Read more »

How Technology Impacts Media Use

We sometimes overlook the profound impact of technology on media use. New data show how smart TV technology continues to impact how consumers access content.  Read more »


Helen Katz (Publicis Media) moderated this track discussion for Television Disrupted. She asked the speakers about practical, actionable takeaways for TV advertisers as well as emerging trends and opportunities.

The Evolving TV Streamer

How do viewers feel about advertising on streaming services and how can it be improved? Research by Conviva and Dynata addressed these questions which are becoming more and more important to the industry given the strong increases in viewing of ad-supported streaming services. The study data were obtained through a February 2021 survey by Dynata and Conviva’s proprietary Stream Sensor™ technology. The analysis focused on identifying the key drivers of viewer satisfaction.

Capitalizing on the CTV Opportunity

The CTV landscape is experiencing a plethora of new streaming entries, leaving consumers  overwhelmed. This includes options that provide a tidal wave of content, some of it at lower cost. Publicis and Verizon partnered to explore how consumers’ expectations of services, content, and ad exposure will evolve.

The Future of Audience in Streaming

James Lamberti, CMO of Conviva, a company that specializes in streaming and social media measurement and analytics, focused his presentation on marketers’ growing need for measurement of streaming video content, especially of viewing advertising on ad supported streaming services.

New Research Insights on Viewers’ Behaviors and Attitudes 

A (virtual) event presented by the ARF’s LA Media Research Council took place on June 15. Titled ”New Research Insights on Viewer’s Behaviors and Attitudes” it featured four presentations focused on issues that the Council had identified as priorities: better data on viewers’ use of media and platforms, the growth of streaming and content discovery and promotion.

2022 Media Insights and 2023 Challenges

An ARF event presented by the LA Media Research Council focused on insights from 2022 research and on 2023 priorities to meet business challenges. Issues addressed in research presentations and by an expert panel included the evolution of streaming during an economic downturn, how to manage subscriber churn, understanding Gen Z and the continued need for better measurement across the ecosystem.

The Future Shape of the Media Landscape: Predictions for Today and Beyond (Panel)

In this session, Edwin Wong of Vox Media moderated an expert panel who made predictions on what the media experience will be like in 2023 and beyond for the consumer. When asked whether SVOD was going away, Brian Further of Nielsen reminded of what people said about cable, that people would not pay for it and at its height some were paying over $200 per month. Jon Giegengack of Hub Entertainment Research said spending continues to go up on SVOD. But bundling may be a way to have people keep subscriptions longer, since the payment is simplified, and they are less likely to cancel than when they pay for SVODs individually.