How Viewers Keep Changing

A recent LA Media Research Council event featured insights from 2022 research and discussions about 2023 priorities to meet business challenges. This issue of NYCU presents a summary of learnings from the 2022 studies outlined at the event. Highlights of the media experts’ conclusions regarding 2023 priorities will be in the next NYCU. Read more »

2022 Media Insights and 2023 Challenges

  • L.A. Media Research Council | Author, Garrett Woods, VidMob

An ARF event presented by the LA Media Research Council focused on insights from 2022 research and on 2023 priorities to meet business challenges. Issues addressed in research presentations and by an expert panel included the evolution of streaming during an economic downturn, how to manage subscriber churn, understanding Gen Z and the continued need for better measurement across the ecosystem.

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Media Trends

How media use and the media business will develop is one of the most frequently discussed topics. Here are some of the key issues from 2022 – which continue to be a focus of both research and speculation: Read more »

The Evolution of “OTT” and “CTV”

While there is still some disagreement over the definition of “OTT” and “CTV”, most use these terms now in a new way that reflects the changes in the media landscape and viewer behavior during the last five years. 

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The Evolution of “OTT” and “CTV”


Towards the end of 2018, the ARF issued a Knowledge at Hand report and a CMO Brief each called The OTT Revolution. Since then, the OTT revolution has not only continued but it has accelerated. Moreover, the pandemic acted as a catalyst, increasing the rate of this acceleration. At the same time, the meaning of the term OTT has changed.

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