CMO Briefs

A one-page summary of ARF research, white papers, Knowledge at Hands, and perspectives on relevant topics.

CMO Brief: What’s the Perfect Synergy Between Employees and Technology?

Technology is omnipresent in today’s world. Yet, it’s become more difficult to determine what is the best way to utilize it. Businesses want to provide topnotch customer experiences, while maintaining operational efficiency. Customers, meanwhile, require a convenient, responsive, personal experience. So how can companies strike a balance and create the ideal symmetry between employees and technology? The ARF’s Knowledge Center was recently challenged with this question. Here are its findings. Read more.

CMO Brief: 2019 ARF Privacy Study

The ARF conducted its second annual Privacy Study among 1,100 American consumers during the week of March 26th, 2019. Learn how their time spent on digital devices, willingness to share data, understanding of websites’ privacy policies, and trust levels are changing and what their attitudes about data sharing means for marketers. Read More.

CMO Brief: Attention, Please!

Why Attention to Advertising is a Hot Topic Today. How to get consumers to pay attention to advertising, widely seen as antecedent to ad success, has been an important issue for marketers for decades. The ever expanding increase in media vehicles and platforms – with increased multitasking – has arguably made this issue more important than ever. Read more.

CMO Brief: Television remains a major part of most advertising campaigns

Despite the growth of digital media and platforms, television remains a major part of most advertising campaigns and measuring the impact of TV commercials in this new environment is more important than ever. A new report, by Sequent Partners for CIMM and the 4A’s, analyzes the new methods and compares the various providers’ approaches. Read more.

CMO Brief: Marketing to Hispanics

Marketers have become increasingly aware of the critical importance to understand the characteristics and dynamics of the Hispanic market – the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. This concise summary delves into their behavior and ad receptivity while providing best practices. Read more.

CMO Brief: Can Context Make Advertising More Effective?

To what degree does advertising context affect consumers’ perceptions and response to the advertising? What is the effect on ad performance? Yes, ignoring context can be risky. In fact, context is likely to impact ad performance – positively or negatively – as six decades of research show. Read more.

CMO Brief: The Intel on AI in Advertising

In marketing, AI is a term that is applied to several very different techniques and functions. However, the bigger questions are: how do you best implement AI, and what are the commercial solutions? Read more.

CMO Brief: Native Advertising

Today, new media, devices, and platforms make it possible to reach consumers with print, audio, and video messages in new ways. So, how do we define the ad forms usually referred to as “native,” and what are the best practices? Read more.

CMO Brief: The OTT Revolution

The accelerating pace of digital disruption is transforming the TV industry, giving consumers more choices and ways to view programming than ever before. What’s the impact on the industry? What new tools does OTT offer marketers? Read more.