Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, ARF members submitted a trove of forecasts and research into the ways that the pandemic was affecting businesses and the related marketing and analytics professions. These submissions, gathered in the COVID Corner, can still be viewed here.

Now, with the introduction of vaccines and the coronavirus’s wider diffusion, forecasting attention is turning to scenarios for the pandemic’s end, and the timing and extent of recovery. Members are invited to submit their work to this version 2.0 of the ARF’s COVID Corner.

ARF Initiatives

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    Forecasting Post-Pandemic Business Recovery
  • At ARF’s DATAxSCIENCE 2021, experts in forecasting and scenario planning presented the latest research and insights on understanding which changes in consumer behavior and attitudes will help shape the post-pandemic recovery. They also shared examples of different research methods and models to tap into these signals. Read more.

  • ARF WIA — Making Lemonade Out of Lemons — Navigating the Pandemic Recovery
  • Last spring, businesses had to make quick changes to their marketing investments, ecommerce strategies and the role of analytics. At the first ARF Women in Analytics event of 2021, six leaders, from a variety of industries, shared how they helped steer pandemic recoveries. Read more.
  • ARF 2020 State of the Industry


If you have content, insights or recommendations you would like to share, submit it to the ARF via email at