MTA (multi-touch attribution)

Attribution & Analytics Accelerator 2022

The boldest and brightest minds joined us November 14 - 17 for Attribution & Analytics Accelerator 2022—the only event focused exclusively on attribution, marketing mix models, in-market testing and the science of marketing performance measurement. Experts led discussions to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions and shared new innovations that can bring growth to your organization.

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A Guide to Validating Marketing Performance Models

Over the last dozen years, marketers have seen numerous analytical models surface to help guide data driven decision-making. Yet, many remain unsure of how trustworthy such models are. That’s why the Attribution Working Group of the ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council put together this guidebook to help arm all stakeholders with a basic understanding of marketing performance model validation issues. This paper includes a set of considerations and questions that encourage and facilitate dialog between end clients and model providers about the performance of marketing performance models.

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Validation of Performance Measurement Models

  • Author: Nolan Panno, Clear Channel

On October 19, 2022, the ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council brought together a panel of performance marketing experts to discuss the importance of model validation. Attendees gained a greater understanding of why it’s important, all the ways it can be done, the various types of validation methods, as well as how to implement the results. Jim Spaeth (Partner, Sequent Partners) moderated an insightful discussion with experts Ron Berman (Assistant Professor of Marketing, Wharton Business School), Elea Feit (Associate Dean of Research and Associate Professor of Marketing, Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business), and Sachin Puri (Chief Marketing Officer, WP Engine).

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Unified Measurement Showcase (Event Summary)

  • Alice K. Sylvester

The ARF’s Cross-Platform Measurement Council Attribution Working Group, chaired by Helen Katz of Publicis, issued invitations to many marketing mix and attribution modelers to share blinded case studies involving unified measurement. The goal was to see unified measurement in action, to see the scope of the analyses and the business results associated with the tool. The Cross-Platform group reviewed submissions and selected six companies to present their case studies. Editor’s Note: The full report is available to members only.

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What Will Replace the Third-Party Cookie?

  • Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer

Several forces have culminated in the end of the third-party cookie. If DMPs and attribution as we know them go away, what will replace them? ARF CRO Paul Donato, drawing on a number of original ARF research initiatives, issues this report covering privacy’s impact and many other factors driving the end of third-party cookies.

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