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NYCU: Consumers Want More Control of Their Personal Data

A KPMG survey reveals that US consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with, and distrustful of, how companies use, manage and protect their personal data. They want both corporations and the government to play an active role in protecting consumer data.

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Attitudes Towards Privacy (Event Summary)


This Town Hall presented work by W2O related to privacy and COVID-19 contact tracing apps, as well as findings from an April 2020 privacy survey conducted by the ARF that included several questions about COVID-19 and its impact on how people feel about privacy, geo-location and trust. This session featured presentations by Dan Linton, Global Data Privacy Officer of W2O, and Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer of the ARF. Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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One Role Of Data In Elections

A resounding 72% of Americans say internet companies should not release any data about users to political campaigns wanting to target voters with ads. The view is roughly shared regardless of a person’s political allegiance. Most people surveyed (59%) favored websites showing ads, so long as it was clear who had paid for them, how much had been spent and who the ad was aimed at. But 20% of people took a very different view, believing no political ads should be shown on sites at all. At the other end of the spectrum, 16% of people said there should be no restrictions on political ads whatsoever as they were part of the right to free speech. Source: Gallup/Knight Foundation (2020, March 10). Most Americans say no user data should be released for political campaigns. WARC.  

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Reciprocate on Shared Data, or Lose Customers

  • Natasha Hritzuk

Customer concern about the lack of control over the ownership of their data has generated new challenges for companies to create meaningful and easily understood data policies. A WarnerMedia (formerly Turner) study revealed what customers are willing to share—and why companies that reciprocate by explaining the benefits of sharing can minimize the risk of losing customers.

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Improving Consumer Profiles with Data Signals

  • John Gim – SVP, Advanced Analytic Solutions, RAPP; David Popkin – Head of Data Strategy for Brands, LiveRamp

Addressable consumer profiles across media. Actionable data. Connected technology. LiveRamp and RAPP offer suggestions on how to leverage these inputs, using signals from a range of sources including location, transactional and online behavioral data to create more robust consumer/customer profiles and segments that lead to better outcomes.

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