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Dentsu's Attention Economy Project: From Theory to Practice

Dentsu conducted multi-phase research on visual attention to advertising in the U.S. and U.K. across channels, platforms, formats and devices. For digital ads, they worked with Lumen, and for television ads, they worked with TVision. There were two components to the research–exploring how much attention consumers pay to advertising “in the wild” and exploring attention to ads in a structured design with forced exposure to pre-selected ads for varying amounts of time. They learned that, for example, uplift in outcomes was stronger for viewing of four seconds of a six-second ad than for four seconds of a 20-second ad. This research has provided Dentsu with an extensive data set on attention and an understanding of the drivers of attention that can be applied to future plans.

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Inside the JAR: Going “Dark,” Causality, Gender and Creativity (Event Summary)


At this Insights Studio, a global panel showcased their work published in the Journal of Advertising Research on the impact of halting advertising, methods to improve causality–analysis of TV ad effectiveness, gender roles in ads, and the emotional advertising creativity process. Going “dark” during the pandemic, use of counter-stereotypes, and causality in marketing-mixed modeling were among issues addressed in the concluding Q&A.

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