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5 Cups This Week

Issue July 14, 2017

This Week’s Topics:

  • ARF CEO Scott McDonald, Ph.D. on Blockchain
  • How analytics have changed in the last ten years
  • The state of mobile ad blocking
  • Creative and online media
  • The Publishing and Data Research Forum


In the Era of ‘Peak TV’ Is the Fall Premiere Season Still Relevant?

Sep 20, 2017

ARF CEO & President Scott McDonald, Ph.D. The fall premiere season started losing some relevance with the rise of the cable networks 30 years ago. These then-upstarts found it was difficult to compete with the promotional firepower of the broadcast networks, so they used a counter-programming strategy, releasing their new series in the summer when […]

P&G Pritchard Calls for ‘Next Generation of Digital Ads’

Sep 20, 2017

Marc Pritchard, P&G Chief Brand Officer, sees digital media players making progress on transparency and brand-safety, but he has an even more fundamental problem: People really don’t want to watch ads, particularly in social media. So he’s pressing the biggest players to help come up with “the next generation of digital ads.” Pritchard pointed to […]

Gender Inequality Persists In the MR Industry

Sep 20, 2017

Women in market research are still losing out to men in terms of jobs, pay and satisfaction, despite progress towards better gender equality. That’s according to the findings of a new survey by Women in Research (WIRe), of nearly 1,000 female and male market research professionals. It followed up on a previous study conducted in […]

NBC Research for Super Bowl Advertisers

Sep 20, 2017

“Creative anxiety is the single biggest factor in keeping people from advertising in the Super Bowl,” says Dan Lovinger, EVP of advertising sales, NBC Sports Group. NBC analyzed the ads in the last four Super Bowls (2014-2017) based on 575 variables like creative messaging and structural elements. It then looked at the effectiveness of each […]

TV Network Consortium Adds Members, Makes Gains in Advanced Audience Targeting

Sep 20, 2017

An advanced advertising TV network consortium says it has made gains since its first meeting a year ago — all to define new audience targets. Over the course of the year, The Advanced Target Standards Group (ATSG) has grown from seven to 12 TV network owners, and is providing media agency representation via the Coalition […]