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5 Cups This Week

Issue July 14, 2017

This Week’s Topics:

  • ARF CEO Scott McDonald, Ph.D. on Blockchain
  • How analytics have changed in the last ten years
  • The state of mobile ad blocking
  • Creative and online media
  • The Publishing and Data Research Forum


Winston Binch, Chief Digital Officer, Deutsch North America is Interviewed by Scott McDonald, CEO & President, ARF

Nov 15, 2017

David Ogilvy – “Research has saved me from some terrible mistakes. It’s given me the courage to sometimes run a campaign which I thought would have flopped.” Scott: What would you say to students starting out right now in the business that would be the best way to open themselves up to the lightbulb – […]

The Always-On Shopper: Grocery Isn’t Dead, It’s at Your Doorstep ARF Shopper Insights Event in Chicago

Nov 15, 2017

Three key takeaways from the event: Online grocery shopping is growing, but brick & mortar stores aren’t dead: Data from GfK’s 2017 FutureBuy study showed that while 1 in 4 grocery shoppers are purchasing online, still more than 95% of them are buying groceries, health & beauty, and OTC pharmaceutical products in brick & mortar […]

Journal of Advertising Research Paper – “Advertising Appeals, Moderators, and Impact on Persuasion: A Quantitative Assessment Creates a Hierarchy of Appeals”

Nov 15, 2017

On the basis of a large and unique dataset using comparative meta-analysis, this study provides measures of the relative impact of seven types of appeals. Meta-regression was used to test whether certain moderators can explain the variability in effect sizes. Among the conclusions: The overall correlation between message appeal and consumer response was positive. The […]

Industry Leaders Share Strategies for Earning Consumer Attention

Nov 15, 2017

“Our research shows that consumers are getting impatient and are shifting their attention from one source to another at a faster pace than ever before. For brands, it means the bar continues to rise. Research shows being useful and relevant is the only way to get consumers to tune-in. Brands should also prioritize platforms that have […]

ANA 2017 Multicultural Awards

Nov 15, 2017

“Restroom for All”, a campaign created for Mastercard by McCann New York, walked off with best-in-show honors at the ANA 2017 Multicultural Excellence Awards. You can view two visuals here. Citations were also given in a dozen categories (courtesy of WARC): African-American: Ford, “Shopping,” UWG (UniWorld Group) Asian: Xoom, “XoomLOL Comedy Series,” Keyframe, Inc. Audio: […]