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5 Cups This Week

Issue July 14, 2017

This Week’s Topics:

  • ARF CEO Scott McDonald, Ph.D. on Blockchain
  • How analytics have changed in the last ten years
  • The state of mobile ad blocking
  • Creative and online media
  • The Publishing and Data Research Forum


2018 Ad Meter Results

Feb 15, 2018

Winners of the 2018 Ad Meter were recently announced by USA Today. To see all 65 commercials, use the link at the bottom of this piece. Amazon Alexa Loses Her Voice 7.18 NFL Touchdown Celebrations to Come 7.18 Budweiser Stand By You 6.84 Doritos & Mountain Dew DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE 6.82 Toyota […]

iSpot.tv’s 2018 Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

Feb 15, 2018

Analytics company iSpot.tv analyzed how the biggest ads did on game day, based on “digital share of voice,” which means the total number of times ads were liked, shared, watched and commented on via the big social platforms. Here are the top 10: Lucasfilm — Solo: A ‘Star Wars’ Story This 45 second ad was […]

New Super Bowl Ad Rankings with Morning Consult

Feb 15, 2018

This inaugural study was conducted online from Feb. 2 through 5, 2018, among 3,956 respondents in the advertising and marketing industry. Each ad was rated between 1 to 10 on effectiveness and entertainment by between 492 and 1,515 respondents. Here are the results combining both entertainment and effectiveness: Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon Alexa […]

Super Bowl 2018 Rankings

Feb 15, 2018

Editor’s Note – featured in Marketing Week, this article is based on research by Realeyes & Lucid. Of the top 12 most emotionally engaging ads, 11 had humor at their heart. Ads were rated across four metrics – attraction, retention, engagement and impact – to give an overall ‘Emotion All’ score. Methodology – Using computer […]

Attention Deep Dive, Super Bowl 52

Feb 15, 2018

We looked at every second of commercial and game time, and analyzed which ads captured the most attention (see top ten below), generated the most smiles (#1 was Bud Lights “Bud Knight”) and were best helped by celebrity endorsements (#1 went to Mountain Dew & Doritos). Top 10 Ads by Attention Bud Knight (Bud Lights) […]