Gen Z’s Media Habits

A recent HUB survey confirms that Gen Z uses media differently. Gen Z spends more time watching non-premium and short form video and playing video games than watching “regular” TV. Read more »

How Viewers Keep Changing

A recent LA Media Research Council event featured insights from 2022 research and discussions about 2023 priorities to meet business challenges. This issue of NYCU presents a summary of learnings from the 2022 studies outlined at the event. Highlights of the media experts’ conclusions regarding 2023 priorities will be in the next NYCU. Read more »

Trends and Prognoses

Given the ongoing geopolitical and economic uncertainties as well as technological and cultural changes, which trends will continue in 2023 and what new trends will emerge? Here is a summary of reports from Dentsu and other sources.

Read more »

Media Trends

How media use and the media business will develop is one of the most frequently discussed topics. Here are some of the key issues from 2022 – which continue to be a focus of both research and speculation: Read more »

Demystifying Data Cleanrooms: A Marketer’s Handbook

The ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council has put out a practical handbook to help marketers and media operators gain a full understanding of data cleanrooms. It explains how cleanroom vendors provide clients and their partners with such a service, which links first-party data across two or more companies on a record level in a secure and privacy-compliant fashion. Interest in cleanrooms has been increasing because the disappearance of third-party cookies is on the horizon. The handbook not only demystifies cleanrooms, but it also includes use cases for insights, audience activation and measurement, and offers practical advice on questions to ask data cleanroom providers.

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