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Using Shelf Interaction Analysis to Enhance Retail Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Utilizing video tracking and shelf interaction analysis provides actionable insights for retailers looking to manage shopping efforts and enhance customer engagement in retail stores. This Marketing Science Institute (MSI) at the ARF working paper illustrates the benefits of strategic shelf reorganization and targeted promotions to improve shopping efficiency and sales conversion.

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How to Balance Consumer Response to “Skimpflation”

Rising costs are an important issue for businesses. Many wonder how they should respond and how customers will react if they say, reduce product quality. Such “skimpflation” can be harder for consumers to detect. However, this Marketing Science Institute (MSI) working paper finds that those who do realize it consider the practice deceptive and unfair. Consumers, it seems, prefer reduced product size (shrinkflation) or increased prices to skimpflation, with price increases the most popular/least unpopular of these options.

Research to Improve AI

Yes, AI is a great tool for marketers. But how can we avoid the “AI Conundrum” – taking advantage of its strengths while avoiding its errors and risks?    

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AI at a CPG Company

Colgate-Palmolive reveals how AI helps them achieve key objectives and improve processes. They  provided insights into the use of AI in marketing at AUDIENCExSCIENCE as well as MSI’s Summit 2024.

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How Patients React to AI-Assisted Communications

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Generative AI is all the rage, and consumers are interested in interacting with such programs to receive personalized services and products. What is their outlook when it comes to doing so in the healthcare field? Here, the view is not as sunny. In fact, a new working paper put out by the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), at the ARF, found that physicians who use AI to communicate with patients were perceived as less warm and even less competent.

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Too Much Attention?

One expert argues that attention alone does not bring ad success and that we should not forget the other important levels of the “ARF Model.”

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Brands and the Polygamous Consumer

Ehrenberg-Bass researchers argue that marketers need to accept that most brands share customers with several of their rivals and are not likely to achieve complete loyalty from their buyers. They offer recommendations for strategies that promote brand growth in a “polygamous multi-brand loyalty market” which runs counter to prevailing theories about how to grow brands.

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