Will Digital Ads Become Less Effective?

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A new study by Meta concludes that changes in how data is used in online advertising can have a significant negative impact on the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns. This research can help us understand what work the industry can prioritize to help advertisers in a privacy-conscious environment.

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FORECASTING 2022: How Can Scenario Planning Improve Agility in Adjusting to Change?

On July 12, 2022, forecasting, and product experts shared frameworks and strategies for participants to consider as they plan amid disruptions in the industry. Presenters discussed techniques marketers could use to drive consumer action and advocacy — as well as econometric models for search trends, insights on holistic analytics programs, reflections on gold standard probability methods — and new forecasting techniques in the wake of the pandemic and more.

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The Most Crucial Shopping Moment

Do marketers, especially e-marketers, focus on the most pivotal moment in the shopping journey? Sure, it’s important to target consumers during search and on social media. But one marketer thinks that those are not the best channels and that the most vital step in every customer’s journey and experience with a brand is the purchase.

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NYCU: YouTube Addresses Misinformation

YouTube has provided a new overview of its evolving efforts to combat the spread of misinformation via YouTube clips, which sheds some light on the challenges that the platform faces, and how it’s considering its options in managing these concerns.
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How Bad Is a Bad Product Review?

  • MSI

Ever wonder what the impact of one negative review is on a product? Researchers in this MSI award-winning working paper were able to quantify this recently, from a retailer’s “newest first” review display policy. In technology and home and garden products, a single critical opinion had a detrimental impact that was two-fold, the study found. It increased the probability of continuing to search and to competitors while decreasing the purchase probability.

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