Today’s Social Media Landscape

The ARF’s Social Council has reported on the results of a survey of 2,490 social media users (conducted in partnership with Dynata) on social media’s role in the lives and experiences of its users.

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The Use of AR/VR and Meta in Advertising

During a recent ARF event, experts discussed the implications of the growing use of AI in advertising research. A new survey of marketers and creatives reveals their opinions about the benefits and their concerns about applying AR, VR and the metaverse to advertising.

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Today’s Shopping Landscape: Strategies for the Changing Consumer Journey

  • SHOPPER 2023

At ARF SHOPPER 2023, which took place in Chicago and virtually on March 9, the industry’s leading marketers and retailers came together to explore the latest research-based consumer insights, and how they are using this data to understand today’s shoppers, build innovative experiences and brand loyalty. Attendees learned about consumer behavioral shifts, how retail media networks are gaining traction in digital marketing strategies, and the latest shopping trends.

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The State of Cross-Platform Metrics: The Advertiser’s Perspective

  • Cross-Platform Council Working Group

Metrics for planning, buying and evaluating buys have been in great flux, especially over the last five years. New channels have emerged, some have changed, and a multiplicity of data sources have sprouted up. To gain a better understanding of the way advertisers are navigating this complex landscape, the Online-Offline Working Group of the ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council interviewed representatives from major advertisers and put out a report about what they learned. This report provides the advertising industry with a glimpse into how major marketers are approaching audience measurement in all the different environments.

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How Will GDPR Impact Market Concentration

  • MSI

What are the effects of the 2018 EU General Data Protection Regulation? According to this analysis, the nuanced effects include reduced data sharing online and increased market concentration of the top four web technology categories. These together represent 94% of website-vendor ties. They are advertising, hosting, audience measurement, and social media.

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Does Privacy Regulation Affect Online Consumer Behavior?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) dictates how firms are to collect, store and employ personal information online. Given the importance of such data, the GDPR has a direct impact on the bottom line of millions of online firms. Researchers in this study wanted to understand the consequences of this regulation for website traffic and ecommerce. They found that at least initially, GDPR reduces online activity and economic results somewhat, especially from personalized marketing channels (display ads & emails). With greater enforcement and compliance long-term, however, the impact may be even greater.

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Mobile Traffic Driver

A global analysis shows that video, with its high bandwidth demand, dominates mobile traffic. In 2023 it most likely will make up more than half of downstream internet traffic. Read more »

Ad Revenue Trend

This chart from Visual Capitalist shows how just three companies now make up 50% of U.S. ad revenues. 

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Cross-Channel Synergy Effects

New experiments exploring the impact of marketing online in conjunction with direct mail confirm that multi-platform strategies generate synergies that are likely to affect consumer responses in various stages of the search-purchase funnel.

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