Webcast: Qual-Tech, The Next Frontier in Neuro and Emotional Measurement

Consumer Neuroscience Update: An Increasingly Integrated Industry Outlook

On October 28th, the ARF and leaders from Nielsen’s Consumer Neuroscience practice present an exclusive, member only session that will provide an update on trends in the consumer neuroscience industry.

As the field of consumer neuroscience grows in size and matures in sophistication,
many exciting forms of integration are taking place. It is evidenced by early signs
of economic consolidation, such as Nielsen’s recent acquisition of Innerscope Research. A parallel trend towards integration of methodologies is illustrated by new multimodal products for advertising assessment that combine neurometric, biometric, eye-tracking, facial coding, and self-report, to provide unprecedented diagnostic richness. Finally, emerging examples of the integration of neuroscience results with unique in-market data are yielding new evidence for the validity of using neuroscience-based observations to predict marketplace outcomes.

Mark Loughney – VP, Research, Turner
Carl Marci, MD – Chief Neuroscientist, EVP Sales & Marketing, Nielsen
Michael Smith, PhD – VP, Consumer Neuroscience Solutions, Nielsen
Joe Willke – President, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
Dr. Horst Stipp – EVP, Research & Innovation: Global & Ad Effectiveness

Join us at this Thought Leader Event to:

  • Review recent neuromarketing trends
  • Provide a unique opportunity to discuss their implications
  • Help advance the use of neuroscience to improve consumer insights.