Not All Boycotts are Equal

A Harvard Business Review paper points to a number of reasons why the Bud Light boycott was more effective than most. The researchers suggest steps companies can take to avoid such boycotts while emphasizing the unique circumstances of this particular situation.  

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Gaming Growth

Strong growth is predicted for gaming – both for revenue from purchases and from advertising. Mobile (“Social/Casual”) is driving nearly all of the growth. Read more »

Different Environmental Advertising Appeals Resonate with Young Men vs. Women


Previous research shows men under 30 care the least about the environment and taking steps to protect it, and are averse to traditionally feminine behaviors, which environmental appeals usually angle toward. A new study compares young men and women’s responses to a “take care of your planet” messages perceived as feminine, with other appeals emphasizing physical activity or “sweating” for the environment, seen as more masculine. Although “caring” is less effective, a gender-neutral-themed message resonates more broadly.

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Consumer Trends 2023-24

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2023, researchers have explored the trends that will impact consumers for the remainder of the year and into 2024. Here are two different perspectives. 

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Viewing Options for Sports Fans: Where Are They Watching and Why? (Panel)

Heidi Chung of Variety Intelligence Platform interviewed Barry Blyn of Walt Disney and Matthew Gottlieb of NBCUniversal about the biggest trends in sports streaming. Barry said sports are thriving, especially since the pandemic ended. Fans, however, are changing. Who fans are, how they fan and what they fan has changed. More women are watching sports and women’s sports are also appealing to both men and women, including the WNBA final and the NCAA women’s tournament. What people fan has also changed. A decade ago, no one heard of things like Drive to Survive or 30 for 30 Films. Now, there’s an explosion of original sport’s content.

Living Single & Fewer Men Working

While marketers pay a lot of attention to consumer changes in purchase and media use behavior, demographic changes with implications for many businesses and marketers’ strategies are often overlooked. Case in point: There has been an increase in one-person households and non-married adults, especially among 50+.  Another important trend is less workforce participation by men.   Read more »