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Original Research – “Insights Based on a New Model of Media Measurement” – comScore

Among the issues discussed will be new cross-platform opportunities that provide salient insights that impact monetization of TV properties.

Two examples:

  • …when including a specific cable network’s digital properties, nearly a third of its total audience is uncovered.
  • …another cable network’s presence on TV, desktop and mobile reaches an unduplicated audience of 174 million – more than half the U.S. population.

Motivation is another key element to be addressed.

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The C-Suite Mobilizes

During Advertising Week, leaders in the world of media measurement and analytic services participated in a panel discussion, which was moderated by Gayle Fuguitt, President and CEO, ARF.  The “The C-Suite Mobilizes” panel discussed and debated two major issues:

-When will analytic and measurement functions look, feel and act as smartly as your mobile phone?

-How is the C-Suite leading us out of the “Frankenmetrics” world?

Participants in this panel:

Artie Bulgrin, SVP, Global Research & Analytics, ESPN

Steve Hasker, Global President, Nielsen

Bill Livek, Vice Chairman & CEO, Rentrak

Pierre Le Manh, CEO, Ipsos, North America

Andrew Appel, President & CEO, IRI

Lori Hiltz, CEO, Havas Media, North America

Serge Matta, President & CEO, comScore

Brian Wong, CEO/Founder, Kiip

The participants discussed the dramatic changes and fragmentation in the field of media measurement and demographic currencies, the lack of standards across media platforms, the development of large cross-platform measurement services, the influence of big data and many other critical issues.

Gayle concluded the panel by presenting a final question to all participants: “Looking ahead five years, how will buyers and sellers be transacting in the year 2020?”
Speaking at this Advertising Week panel, Nielsen Global President, Steve Hasker, discussed his company’s “total audience measurement tool,” which the company will roll out by the end of 2015.  This product will provide a way to measure audience across all platforms, so that advertisers and media companies will be able to track viewership of digital and TV content in an apples-to-apples fashion, according to Nielsen.

Steve Hasker also stated the CBS will begin to include Nielsen’s digital audience measurement in its TV ratings, according to reporting by Steven Perlberg, The Wall Street Journal.