Do I Have Your Attention? Banner Blindness Tactics, Roadblock Ads and Influencer Cues

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At this Insights Studio, speakers on four different continents presented their work published in the JAR, with common themes of attention and frequency. Two presentations focused on banner blindness tactics: one compared the effectiveness of personalization and extreme creative strategies, while the other showed how unexpected ads like pop-ups and floaters drive attention and shape attitudes. A study on roadblock advertising tackled the question: Is this attention-getting tactic worth the substantial cost? And lastly: effects of influencer disclosures over time within a framework of consumer skepticism. A lively Q&A discussion explored the roles of attention and inattention in creative and media, contextual nuances, frequency effects of roadblock advertising and influencer disclosures, differences in attention factors across cultures, and the need for more research overall in the area of attention.

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How to Flag Fake Reviews without Targeting Legitimate Ones

  • MSI

Online reviews can have a substantial impact on the consumer decision-making process. That makes them crucial to firms and online marketplaces. Some sellers are sometimes tempted to manipulate ratings to give their products fake, positive reviews. As a result, it’s important for such marketplaces, like Amazon, to eliminate fake reviews. Some methods use metadata, review characteristics, text or images to remove such reviews. This may also flag legitimate ones, however. Researchers in this study found a method using the network structure of reviews to reveal fakes without wrongly targeting authentic ones.

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How AI and Deepfakes Could Reshape the Advertising Industry


Artificial intelligence is already changing advertising, but how will it reshape it moving forward? Researchers unpack the potential effects of three different forms of AI—analytic, interpretive and creative—on seven categories of advertising industry stakeholders. Can those who embrace the evolving creative AI mechanisms get ahead of competitors?

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Measuring Influencer Impact

The ANA has introduced a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement to help advertisers better assess influencer marketing’s value. Read more »

New JAR Editor

After eight years as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Advertising Research, Dr. John B. Ford is succeeded by Dr. Colin Campbell, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of San Diego’s Knauss School of Business, effective September 1st.

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JAR Update

New research insights are available in a report in the Journal of Advertising Research’s Insights Studio and on the Digital First section of its website.    Read more »