Bots Don’t Buy

A marketing analyst finds that bots cause several problems for digital advertising and suggests a solution. 

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Quantifying the Value of Meaningful Media

Havas and Teads reported on eye-tracking research that they did with Lumen on a number of websites on both desktop and mobile. They then analyzed a number of factors related to attention to digital display and video ads including ad format, demographics, category of the site’s domain, type of content on the site and characteristics of the publisher environment. The research generally confirmed their hypothesis that deeper engagement with content, with lower scroll speeds, led to longer amounts of time that ads are in view and greater attention to those ads. Ads on Teads publishers’ sites, in particular, garner greater attention than other digital ads, and Teads’ formats garner more attention than standard ads in the same category, particularly for display. This research has helped Havas to quantify the value of their inventory to optimize planning for attention and develop a curated approach to programmatic. They refer to this approach as the “Havas Meaningful Market Place.”

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Last Words on Day 1

Elizabeth Tarpinian (Senior Director, Consumer & Market Insight, Unilever NA)

  • “We feel we are in this incredible digital and technological revolution.”
  • “You have this context where the consumer is feeling trust issues.”
  • (There is a) “War for attention.”
  • “Continuous disruption where everything is massive, complex and it is moving….… (All of this) can feel unsettling….”

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What is the Value of Time in Advertising? (Part I: How Value is Created)


Fairly measuring the quality of an ad impression is challenging, and it differs across platforms. In this first part of a two-part discussion, about ad time duration, a panel of researchers explored whether or not ad time duration provides a signal to advertisers of the value of an ad impression. Different platforms have different strengths, and understanding the logistics of a platform is one key aspect in understanding how viewers will interact with an ad. Aside from the length of time an ad is viewed, and what platform it is viewed on, creative implications can also play a role in garnering up viewer enthusiasm and interest, during key moments of an ad. This ARF Town hall examined three studies regarding different aspects of ad time duration. Studies were presented by the ARF’s Chief Research Officer Paul Donato, Meta's Ads Research Lead of Marketing Science Sophie Macintyre, and TVision's SVP of Product, Data & Analytics Tristan Webster. These studies were presented in efforts to understand the similarities and differences regarding measurement across a variety of platforms on the value of time. In closing, challenges and opportunities for each platform were discussed by the panel, led by Cesar Brea of Bain & Company.