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NYCU: AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2020 - Keynotes & Interviews on Today's Most Challenging Issues

AudienceXScience: Keynote - Collecting Data During a Global Pandemic (Monday - 9/21/20) With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Census Bureau’s leadership had to think outside the box. Learn how the agency modified its work, all while maintaining operations, releasing data products and continuing to serve the data-user community during this unprecedented time. Dr. Ron Jarmin – Deputy Director and COO, U.S. Census Bureau AudienceXScience: Why Driving a Strong Brand Still Matters (Monday - 9/21/20) In today’s uncertain times, consumers are looking to Brands to respond in appropriate ways to address their health and economic issues. How have brands pivoted in their marketing journey? Has it changed from the previous, highly activation-focused approach? Today, does having a strong brand matter? And, do we need to drive it with marketing investments, or is delivering appropriate experiences enough? At the heart of these questions is marketers’ ability to assess and quantify the value of a strong brand and understand what marketing can do to improve brand equity. Abby Mehta – SVP, Marketing Analytics & Insights Executive, Bank of America

AudienceXScience: The Future of TV is NOW - Implementing an Audience-First Approach (Tuesday - 9/22/20) As consumers are met with more screens and choices, advertisers must leverage technology to maximize TV’s brand-building power. Moving beyond age and gender is the first step to finding and motivating audiences across time, screen and location. Nicolle Pangis, CEO of Ampersand, will share how multiscreen TV campaigns, backed by insights, scaled inventory and advanced measurement have become simpler. Nicolle Pangis – CEO, Ampersand; Moderator: Jane Clarke – CEO, Managing Director, CIMM
AudienceXScience: The Future of Advertising Investment (Tuesday - 9/22/20) This highly anticipated presentation covers the near-term and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on TV and film industry economics, with a special focus on advertising positives and negatives. Laura Martin, CFA & CMT – Entertainment & Internet Analyst, Needham & Company, LLC
AudienceXScience: The Future of Audience Measurement (Tuesday - 9/22/20) Most marketers agree that a common framework for measuring video and audio is needed. But as the sources of video and audio continue to multiply, so do the places and devices where viewing and listening take place. Some source/device/place combinations have multiple viewers/listeners, others only one. Some deliver targeted audiences and some don’t. Some viewing/listening conditions inspire high levels of attention, some lower. What is the best path forward for unified video/audio measurement across this fragmented landscape? Are we making progress, running in place or falling behind?
AudienceXScience: Media’s Role in Diversity (Tuesday - 9/22/20) In the wake of social unrest and the Black Lives Matter momentum in the U.S., many companies are reacting. CBS is one of them. It is committing at least 25% of its script development budget to creators and producers who are black, Indigenous or people of color (BIPOC), starting with the 2021-22 development season. How are programming and content – which have the power to shape perspectives and drive conversations around critical issues – being driven by audience measurement, analytics, market, program and advertising research? Radha Subramanyam – President and Chief Research and Analytics Officer, CBS
AudiencexScience: ARF Social Measurement Council Workshop (Tuesday - 9/22/20) Members of the ARF Social Media Council’s Steering Committee—decision-makers at major brands, agencies and platforms—will provide an overview of the Social Council’s Social Media Field Guide being developed by the Council. Topics include: measurement of paid/owned/earned social media, measurement of influencers and case studies on the impact of social media on lower-funnel metrics. JP Beauchamp – SVP, Media Center of Excellence, IRI Danti Chen – Head of Applied Data Science & Insights, SVP, Global Intelligence, Weber Shandwick Jon Farb – Chief Product Officer, ListenFirst Amy Laine – Principal Market Analyst, Social Insights Program Team Lead, IBM; Co-Chair, Social Council Danny Landau – Senior Director, Research and Analytics, Talkwalker Shelley Murphy – VP, Media Center of Excellence, IRI Andrew Reid – EVP, Data Products, Weber Shandwick; Co-Chair, Social Council
AudiencexScience: Accurate Portrayal of Women and Girls in Advertising = Sales Lift (Tuesday - 9/22/20) While increasing attention is being paid to the social implications of representation in industry, politics and media, there has been less attention paid to the business case for accurately and positively portraying women and girls in media and advertising…until now. Women, who influence 85% of consumer goods purchases, are now demanding the “advertising world needs to catch up to the real world.” Now, there’s proof that doing just that can boost the bottom line. Campaigns that accurately portray women and girls can garner incremental sales lifts of up to $2 million. Hear how you can determine whether you are indeed gaining a sales lift by ensuring equality in marketing messages while also supporting your brand mission. Nadine Karp McHugh – President, SEEHER, ANA Jennifer Pelino – SVP Omni Channel Media, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
AudienceXScience: How Can Disruption Accelerate Growth? (Wednesday - 9/23/20) Disruption has a huge impact on society and our industry. It also creates the potential to accelerate growth. How can marketers better understand the evolving relationship between humans and technology, and harness that to plan for and guide them through disruption? To be discussed in this conversation: how connecting data will break down organizational silos, bring to light a more profound understanding of consumers, and allow clients to deliver time-sensitive, customized experiences at scale. Reed Cundiff – CEO, Kantar NA Moderator: Mary Ann Packo – Chair, Board of Directors, ARF AudiencexScience: Industry POV with Comscore (Wednesday - 9/23/20) Bill Livek, CEO and Executive Vice Chairman of Comscore, joins ARF President & CEO Scott McDonald to share his perspective on the rapidly evolving media landscape, and to discuss why he believes TV will never be the same – and neither will its currency. Bill Livek – CEO and Executive Vice Chairman, Comscore Scott McDonald, Ph.D. – President & CEO, ARF

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NYCU: Hollywood Returns

Because of COVID-19, movie/video production has been severely limited. Hollywood is now opening, but the “new normal” is likely to mean higher costs.   Despite rising COVID-19 cases, Los Angeles County is moving into stage three of its reopening plan. That means today, Hollywood studios can resume production on TV shows and movies. Actors might need to hit up Hermione and Ron for guidance on green-screen acting, because more sex and fight scenes will be filmed using CGI. There’ll be fewer close-contact scenes in general, too. Fewer days and shorter hours could become the norm. The switch could stress studios’ budgets and viewers’ patience between Fast and Furious installments.  Live studio audiences are discouraged for now, meaning more laugh tracks and fewer chances to see SNL live. All these changes + COVID-19 PPE + higher insurance premiums = more expensive budgets, according to Tyler Perry and other execs Variety spoke to. Source: Morning Brew (2020, June 12). Annnnnd...Action! Morning Brew.  

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Cinema Ads Are Effective But...

WARC cites a study from Digital Cinema Media, which suggests that viewers exposed to cinema ads were two times as likely to recall a brand as those exposed to the TV ad. Cinema audiences were four times as likely as television audiences to be emotionally engaged. However, with television reaching 93% of the UK population in a week, while cinema may be “a more powerful and emotionally engaging medium for brands than television”, it lacks the everyday reach of the latter. As Thinkbox CEO Lindsey Clay put it,  “Cinema is a great addition to TV advertising but in no way is it a replacement.” Read the full article. For more on this topic, check out the Advertising Tab in Morning Coffee.