Media Experiences That Are Meaningful to the Consumer

Parvati Vaish of Havas Media presented a yearly study they perform showing that 75% of brands would be forgotten if it were not for advertising. Brands that resonate outperform from a business standpoint. It is important to know your audience, be in the right context and give the right content. They need to be optimized and working together. More is not always more. Attention may help deliver outcomes more efficiently.

A Brand’s Perspective: Building a Measurement Strategy Around Attention Metrics

Marc Guldimann of Adelaide interviewed Laurel Van Tassel on Anheuser-Busch InBev’s use of attention metrics. Laurel said she sympathized with those who spoke during panel discussion about viewability. When she was with GoupM she said they were buying on viewability and the CPMs were very expensive. When she arrived at ABI they split their strategy into finding new users and retention. Their focus on attention began with the need for retention. “We knew if we wanted to start attention testing, we wanted to leave our creative and data strategies the same and only have media be the variable that we’re optimizing against.”

Attention is the Future of Cross Platform Measurement

TVision’s co-Founder & CEO Yan Lui gave a presentation about a linear regression study the company sponsored with Upwave to understand the relationship between attention and brand lift outcomes. They conducted the study from Q4 2019 – Q1 2022. One hundred large-scale analyses were performed across 43 different brands. Each was a high frequency campaign. TVIsion has camera-based computer devices in 5,000 homes (roughly 14,000 people)  so they can track their TV and CTV viewing.

What About Brand Safety?

A major new study by Meta examined the impact of ad adjacency to risky content. The study concluded that there is “minimal-to-no association for content adjacent to ads regardless of risk severity of the content”.

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The Importance of Audio

While most of marketers’ attention and research is focused on video, a new report emphasizes the importance of audio in light of the growing popularity of podcasts. In it, researchers explore the role of attention to audio.  

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A Different Perspective on “Diversity”

While most marketers’ attention is focused on Gen Z and increasing diversity in ad creative, depictions of older adults are rarely part of that diversity. A new study concludes that bias in advertising prevents many brands from motivating a large, affluent consumer group.

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The Future of Ad Creative?

A new study in the Journal of Advertising Research explores the role of deep fakes and A.I. on ad creative and consumer response to advertising

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Optimizing Brand Differentiation

Kantar’s Dom Boyd says that brand differentiation is the most important driver of brand growth and that we should pay more attention to which kind of brand differentiation drives sales.

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Taste-testing the Brand Premium

Even in instances where consumers face lots of options, they routinely pay a premium for national brands over private labels, research shows. This is true even when they believe that the quality of a private label is comparable. However, one thing that can shift consumer preferences toward private label brands is blind taste tests—at least in the short-term.