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Measuring Customer Sentiment 101

  • Author: Stephanie Jung, Paramount

On October 11, 2022, Stephanie Scalice, Winner of the 2022 ARF Great Mind Awards Young Pro of the Year Award and Senior Market Research Manager at LinkedIn, led the ARF Young Pros through a deep dive into NPS, CSAT and CES—the three most used metrics by modern businesses to better measure and understand customer satisfaction. Attendees learned more about what each metric is, when and how to implement it, real life applications of these tools and more.

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Tension Hunting: A New Method for Audience Loyalty

In this session, Chris McCarthy of Kantar addressed the question: "In today's environment of constant, dynamic change, how can brands enhance how they innovate and engage with audiences?" The speaker examined the "age of disruption," noting consumer obstacles such as COVID supply chain shortages and inflation leading to a shift to higher-involvement decisions by consumers, which has resulted in some risks but also opportunities for brands. The speaker pointed to tension hunting, the process of enhancing innovation and success by focusing on the mitigation of problems, as a way to address disruption and consumer inertia, head-on.

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The ARF’s 2021 Research Agenda

ARF research initiatives tackle the industry’s most pressing questions. So where can you find this year’s itinerary? Announcing the 2021 research agenda. Projects include: assessing whether brand loyalty is still the norm, examining privacy issues—including those related to COVID, exploring changes in organizations’ research and analytics functions, investigating the sharing of streaming service passwords and how viewers use the apps, recording and evaluating how brands handled 2020 and the impact of those decisions, and much, much more.

Audio Advertising, Targeting, Creativity and Segmentation/CSR ads (Event Summary)

  • Insights Studio Series: Inside the JAR

A global panel of experts synthesized their work published in the Journal of Advertising Research September edition (60,3). Presentations investigated speech rates in audio commercials; targeting and brand loyalty in digital media; differences in how consumers and advertising professionals assess creative; and segmentation considerations in CSR advertising. In the Q&A that followed, the speakers connected insights from their research to the extraordinary events of 2020. Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

The Myth of Targeting Loyal, Niche Audiences

  • Harsh Taneja (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

With unlimited consumer choices in the digital marketplace, advertisers often turn away from websites with mass appeal and toward niche outlets, for their small, but potentially loyal audiences. Such a strategy is actually unwise, diminishing reach, according to evidence from a study analyzing double-jeopardy effects in digital media usage.

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