Measuring Influencer Impact

The ANA has introduced a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement to help advertisers better assess influencer marketing’s value. Read more »

Obstacles for the Metaverse

Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they have heard of the “Metaverse,” as of March, according to Marketing Dive. That’s a noteworthy bump in awareness compared to last July (32%). But familiarity does not equate to understanding. Read more »

Earth Day at 52

Born to combat pollution, environmentalism’s annual observance is poised to inspire more than ever—if governments, the public and brands can figure out what it means now. Read more »

Peers vs. Fears: How Ambivalence and Norms Shape Consumer Decisions

  • MSI

How does ambivalence affect consumer choice, when it comes to deciding whether to consume alcohol, recreational drugs or certain foods or beverages—like energy drinks. This ambivalence creates arousal, which causes the consumer to focus attention on the immediate, positive outcomes of such a choice. However, it also engages a moderating effect, their awareness of their peers’ behavior when faced with such decisions.

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YP Share Group – Managing Remotely (Up, Down and Sideways)

The focus of the ARF’s Managing Remotely Share Group was how to effectively communicate up to a team leader, down to a direct report or laterally with other team members. Cole Strain, Head of Measurement Solutions at Pinterest shared his strategies and experience with remotely managing people and projects. Following the presentation, attendees joined small moderated breakout sessions where they discussed personal and professional challenges while working remotely, including creative ways to connect, a new work/life balance, and how to continue these practices if or when there is a return to the office.

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