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Snacking, Texting, Fast-Forwarding and Other Ways to Avoid Ads


Would You Like a Snack or a Commercial?

Live TV viewers avoid commercials by multitasking during breaks.  Eating (76%) and texting (69%) are the most frequent activities according to the TiVo research analyzed in this eMarketer article, “Most Digital Viewers Multitask While Watching Live TV.” TAGS: multitasking, commercials, TV advertising, live TV.  See more . . http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Most-Digital-Viewers-Multitask-While-Watching-Live-TV/1013281


Can Marketer Avoid the Ad Avoiders?

Ad avoidance by consumers has resulted in marketers seeking alternate means to reach these consumers according to Jack Neff in this Advertising Age article.  Live TV programming, selective digital media strategies, content marketing, sampling, and customized packaging, are among the means by which marketers, such as Clorox, PepsiCo, and Revlon, avoid ad avoidance..TAG: brand challenge.  See more . . http://adage.com/article/print-edition/big-agenda-ad-industry-2016/302067/


Ad Avoidance Alert: Fast-Forwarding Not Time-Shifting is the Major Problem

Ad avoidance is not the main reason viewers time-shift TV programs according to Hub Entertainment’s Research report, which is discussed in this MarketingCharts article.  Advertisers should be more concerned about these viewers fast-forwarding through commercials. TAGS: fast-forwarding, time-shifting, commercials, tv advertising.    See more . . http://www.marketingcharts.com/television/as-tv-viewers-time-shift-whats-the-implication-for-ad-avoidance-51957/


Will Ad Blocking Force Digital Media to Improve?

Ad blocking has forced publishers to invest in the quality of their online content and to focus on optimal distribution.  By creating more interesting content, targeting audiences precisely, and developing native partnerships with brands, publishers will attract willing and engaged readers according to this Digiday article by Colin Nagy.  TAGS: ad blocking, digital media.  See more . . http://digiday.com/publishers/digital-media-will-improve-in-2016/


Do These Commercials Make You Sick?

Consumer avoidance of over-the-counter drug advertising, specifically advertising by analgesic brands, is analyzed in this December 2015 Journal of Advertising Research article. The results reveal that this avoidance is more directly and strongly influenced by affective reactions, such as irritation, and attitude toward such advertising than cognitive reactions, such as perceived utility or skepticism. The authors offer suggestions for mitigation of this ad avoidance behavior. TAGS: OTC, over-the-counter, analgesics.   Source: http://www.thearf.org/journal-of-advertising-research-online-access/


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