The Value of “Other” Media

Given the current focus on social media and streaming services as advertising vehicles, it is worth paying attention to studies that remind us of the value of radio and Out-Of-Home (OOH). 

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Sonic Branding is Back

The use of specific sounds, audio cues and music for branding is nothing new — it has been employed since radio became a mass medium. But as many marketers are rediscovering, sonic branding researchers are exploring best practices for today’s media environment.

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Many consumers are concerned about marketers’ access to their data (as shown in ARF studies with a new report being released soon). Read more »

Trends in Media Use

A number of presentations at the recent ARF OTT 2023 conference documented the unprecedented rapidity of change in media use in the current era. Here are findings and conclusions from several of the presentations.    Read more »

The Importance of Audio

While most of marketers’ attention and research is focused on video, a new report emphasizes the importance of audio in light of the growing popularity of podcasts. In it, researchers explore the role of attention to audio.  

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