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Spillover Benefits of Online Ads

  • MSI

Email advertising can increase spending in actual, physical retail stores, new statistical tools show. If this is not uplifting enough for those who deal with such advertising, analysis published in an MSI working paper found something else surprising. The effects are highest among consumers with fewer recent interactions with that particular retailer.

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NYCU: The Truth About Ad Impact

Marketing expert Grace Kite thinks that reports on ad effectiveness often do not tell the whole story.

New Grace Kite research finds 40-50% of ad budget online brings highest returns. This obscures the important lessons that the totality of the industry can provide about the business, argues Dr Grace Kite, whose new dataset holds valuable, agenda-resetting insights. Why it matters: Most brands don't win awards for their advertising. Most advertising makes little difference, or things go wrong, or key people leave, but lessons from the norm of advertising are fundamental to understanding how the industry works and how to improve it. This new dataset tells a very different tale from analyses of award-winners only.

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Source: Peña-Taylor, S. (2021, October). Event Reports, EffWorks Global, October 2021.

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Causality Study Challenges TV Advertising-to-Sales Data Analysis


Establishing causality in the TV advertising-to-sales relationship, ideally, is studied through randomized trials, which match respondents to exposure and non-exposure groups. Given the difficulties of such experiments, analysis of observational data, alternatively, can reveal links between ad campaigns and sales. But new research shows how failure to control for variants can produce misleading signals to advertisers.

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Sports Sponsorship: Swing and a Miss or Home Run?

  • Lane Wakefield; Kirk Wakefield; Kevin Lane Keller; Anne Rivers

Adding to research that scrutinizes sponsorship spending, this study asked: Are sponsoring brands wasting money? The focus: Major League Baseball sponsorship and four dimensions of brand equity. Researchers used the expansive BrandAsset Valuator database to reach their conclusions. A major finding: Brand personality matters. Strong personalities tend to overspend, while ‘boring’ ones can hit the ball out of the park.

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What Short Commercials Can and Can’t Deliver

  • Duane Varan (MediaScience) and Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Rachel Kennedy, and Steven Bellman (all at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute)

Short ads of six to seven seconds or less on television can provide an efficient option compared with longer, more expensive commercials. But there are limits to what they can deliver, particularly in a cluttered environment. This study offers guidance on how, when and where to use short ads.

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Why People Don’t: Understanding Consumer Behavior


The ARF’s July 25, 2019, Salon offered profound insights into why people do the things they do, based on findings from behavioral science. Presenter and author Matthew Willcox shared insights from his book, “The Business of Choice,” highlighting some of its key points.

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Ads in the Midst of Multitasking

Research from the University of Illinois finds that the effectiveness of ads viewed while multitasking depends on the individual’s media processing style. Analytic processors, who tend to focus on specific items, performed well on ad retention when their only task was to watch video ads on a computer, but were only half as effective when they had to split their time with a second task on the same computer. Holistic processors, on the other hand, were just as effective in remembering aspects of the ads even with the second task. The authors also found that moods influence processing style, with a more positive mood leading to more holistic processing. This suggests that “those who want to multiprocess effectively should do so in a good mood.”   Read the full article. For more on this topic, check out the Advertising Tab in Morning Coffee . See all 5 Cups articles.