Young Pros Bootcamp 12-01-16

ARF Event 12/01/16 – Young Pros Bootcamp

The ARF held their 4th NYC Bootcamp at Google’s offices with over 200 young pros. Here were the main takeaways from our presenters:

Erin Miller, MTV Insights Research, talked about a study on young men aged 16-24.

  • This group conveyed that a “man” 20 years ago was someone who was stronger, the provider, one-dimensional, unemotional, detached family man—depicted by Jon Draper – and that a man today is sensitive, unique, creative, flawed, accepting, fashionable—depicted by Ryan Gosling
  • 1 out of 5 guys consider themselves as gold diggers

Noël Paasch, YouTube, shared the art of video storytelling:

  • 3 things to remember when making ads great: (1) All media is skippable; (2) there are no silver bullets; (2) creative is the most powerful opportunity
  • Once a consumer chooses you, give them more of what they want. The audience wants what it wants

Greg King, Google; Tim Perzyk, Twitter; and Daniel Slotwiner, Facebook, discussed a social media panel:

  • Social media changes the way we research people
  • When we do research, we are attempting to figure “why” something happened
  • Don’t grade your own work—It’s important to have 3rd-party verification for objectivity of metrics

Robin Garfield, CNN, provided insights from the 2016 election; the following data on millennial voters:

  • They wanted a candidate who planned to create good paying jobs, make healthcare more affordable, and do something about the soaring cost of higher education and student debt
  • They wanted a candidate who is engaging, doing a great job, popular, honest, and sincere—such as Bernie Sanders

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