Attitudes about Ad-Supported Content

Researchers Jon Giegengack, Founder & Principal, HUB Entertainment Research, and David Tice, Research Senior Consultant, HUB Entertainment Research, reported on new insights from their ongoing series of surveys on trends in consumers’ viewing behaviors, about ad-supported versus ad-free content.  Read more »

The Value of Time in Advertising

Here are highlights from a panel discussion built on research and discourse from two ARF Town Halls about the quality of ad impressions on different platforms. Two issues were highlighted: measurement challenges and assessing the value of time spent with and attention to advertising.

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The Importance of Measurement

New perspectives on measurement and why it matters were discussed by Colleen Fahey Rush (EVP, CRO, Paramount), John Halley (COO Advertising, Paramount), Jack Neff (Editor-at-Large, Ad Age), Scott McDonald, Ph.D. (President & CEO, ARF).

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