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Despite Obstacles, Programmatic Video Advertising Maturation Advances

The adoption of programmatic video advertising is expected to grow rapidly over the next 24 months, according to this article, which summarizes some of the conclusions from the eMarketer report, “Programmatic Video Advertising: Poised for Rapid Growth Despite ‘Premium’ Holdouts.”




Programmatic ad dollars will account for only 39% of total US video ad spending this year.  However, growth is expected as a result of better ad quality and an increase in premium inventory.  Current concerns with audience identification, targeting and measurement also need to be resolved.

This article presents eMarketer’s forecast of a triple-digit jump in US programmatic video ad spending in 2015 and a further 84.5% increase in 2016.  By 2017 the portion of programmatic digital video ad dollars will move closer to the broader average for programmatic activity (72%), accounting for 65%, or $7.43 billion.

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